1600mg Weed Edibles w/ Drew (Experiment)

1600mg Weed Edibles w/ Drew (Experiment)
This experiment happened a few months back when Drew & i had the brilliant idea of eating THE STRONGEST WEED EDIBLES EVER to see what the effects would be and to prove that no matter how much weed you consume you can’t die.

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Drew’s channel: http://youtube.com/drewissharing

Although i end up puking in this video it was simply because of set & setting, i was wearing too many clothes because it was freezing in england & we had to catch trains which i hate doing. I wanted to film this in london with nice green parks to roll around in.

These edibles were vegan. We consumed around 800mg each, i think i had a tiny bit less because i didn’t finish my 3rd brownie.

I won’t be eating anything this strong ever again because it just isn’t what i’m looking for when i take weed. I’m looking for the beautiful weed headspace where you come up with interesting thoughts and new ideas. I had none of that because i was just holding onto my stomach the duration of the trip.

what would you like to see us try next?

1600mg Weed Edibles w/ Drew (Experiment)

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  1. You look pretty masculine. Is that what you're going for. Not trying to call your gender, but I see your transition is going pretty decent. Peace.

  2. Tried 300mg edible made with distillate and I cleaned the house and it crushed my depression. It seems like the whole plant extraction made edibles really pack more of a punch because of the other cannabinoids and terps all preserved but I'm more functional on the distillate made edible. Plus they don't have the cannabis taste but I kinda love that part.

  3. For all you Dabbers/smokers, this is about the equivalent of dabbing 1.2grams of oil or smoking about 6 grams of weed to yourself

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