4 Marijuana Stocks To Watch In 2018

4 Marijuana Stocks To Watch In 2018
In this video I discuss a few cannabis related stocks that you may want to watch in the next 12 months. As you may already be aware, the marijuana industry is projected to grow drastically in the next decade around the world due to the legalization of the drug in multiple countries and states. Although I tend to invest in sectors that I am familiar with, marijuana is the exception to this rule. I do not personally consume marijuana but it is without a doubt an industry that will have a fairly large impact on our economy and our society.

Marijuana is still considered a schedule 1 drug by the U.S. Federal government and I doubt we will see the Trump administration change the classification of the drug anytime soon. With that being said, the Federal government is unlikely to impose harsher laws on marijuana. There has been a great amount of debate over the marijuana industry in regards to which powers are reserved for the states and which powers are claimed by the federal government. If you’d like to discuss federalism etc. let me know your opinion in the comment section . I love politics 🙂

There’s obviously many more marijuana related stocks that I did not mention in this video. If you have any particular stocks that you have been watching, let me know in the comment section!

Also, I should probably mention this disclaimer:
I am not a financial adviser. I am not telling you to invest in any of the stocks mentioned in this video! These are simply some stocks that you may want to watch. Invest at your own risk and don’t ever invest money you cannot afford to lose!

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4 Marijuana Stocks To Watch In 2018

8 thoughts on “4 Marijuana Stocks To Watch In 2018”

  1. Excellent video Nate! I hold APH and I'm up currently about 44% on it. Also you're correct – ACB is traded here on the TSX (Toronto stock exchange) and we are set to legalize Marijuana in July 2018.

    Canopy is the biggest player, but we're seeing ACB and APH surpass it now in terms of stock performance. I held this as well but sold off a few months ago.

    I'm very bullish on this industry, but I would be safe with this play and not go very heavy with an investment here.

  2. Another Great Video Nate!!! I'm heavily invested in Canopy Growth and currently up 84%. I believe this stock could be worth $100+ within a years time. This sector is about to explode…..!

  3. I’m new to investing. I have always believed that now is a good time to invest in Cannabis. I started investing with Robinhood. Now I want to get into the Cannabis industry. Since I can’t use Robinhood for most of the best Cannabis stocks what can I use?

  4. Hey thanks for watching! Let me know if there are any Marijuana stocks on your watch list! Also, don't forget to give the video a thumbs up to let me know if you'd like me to make more videos!

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