7 Tips/Tricks for Growing Cannabis at Home | Guaranteed Successful Harvest your very 1st Grow

7 Tips/Tricks for Growing Cannabis at Home | Guaranteed Successful Harvest your very 1st Grow
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What Upp GreenBox Growers and welcome back to the most lit cannabis grow Channel, on YouTube! Now today I’m going to be giving you guys my top 7 tips and tricks for first-time or beginner Cannabis Growers. and essentially these are going to be some guides and rules of thumb to follow that are going to help you avoid most of the common mistakes and pitfalls that new Growers make. These tips are also going to make it really easy for you to diagnose certain issues as they arise, and it will help you keep things really simple for you during your first couple times growing, so you can get without knowing too much or having too much experience.

Now before I get started with today’s video I want to remind you guys that have my free trial still going on to my one-on-one grow guidance, and this is perfect for those who are looking to get started with their first cannabis grow or maybe you’ve already started and are struggling to get those kinds of results you are looking for. So basically if you sign up for my one-on-one grow guidance I’ll be teaching you each day over the phone what to do, so you can get those results. Also don’t forget to check out our merge at the greenboxgrown.com website under merch and smoke and now that you guys know we’re doing in today’s video, let’s get started!

All right folks we are out here in my garage where we have the different grow tent set-up, and I just want to start with number one on my tips and tricks list. Which is keep your first grow or your first couple of grows as simple as possible! Know what I mean by that is you don’t have to go out and buy the biggest row light or the biggest 10 and you know try to grow 10 to 12 plants your first time around you know with a full nutrient line up in some sort of soilless medium.

What I am saying is just stick to the basics, all you need to know is a basic light you can. You can start with a 300 watt Light or even a 600, and just grow one plant one small plant that way.

You can start in a 2 by 4 tent kind of like what I have here with a small plant that I will be growing into a mother plant actually. But yeah you can keep it simple you don’t need to get a huge nutrient line up, they have trios where it is just a 3 bottles set up and then you just need some Cal Mag and then you are honestly perfect that way.

So yeah a couple of regular fans in here for air circulation of course and then you want if you are worried about the smell escaping your tent you’re going to want to add a carbon filter to it. Really that’s my first tip on the list is keep my first or couple of first grows at simple as possible and just try to get the basics down. Another one is start with soil for your first grow, don’t go with Hydroponics or with a soilless medium. There is nothing wrong with those, they are great options it is just a little more experience and knowledge goes along with going that way so starting with soil makes it a lot easier it’s going to pH, buffer your pH and make it a little more forgiving in terms of if you make mistakes. So that is a trick number one on the list.

All righty GreenBox Growers that concludes today’s video  with my top 7 tips and tricks for first time or beginner cannabis Growers! Now as always if you enjoyed the video please Smash that sums up button and don’t forget to leave a comment down below with your feedback or with ideas for future videos you’d like to see me do. Also feel free to subscribe to the green box row on YouTube channel and to turn on those notifications for updates on my latest Grove. As always thank you guys for watching and until next time…

Happy Growing!!!

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7 Tips/Tricks for Growing Cannabis at Home | Guaranteed Successful Harvest your very 1st Grow

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  2. Pretty nice beginner tips. I've read about defoliation but i don't have enough space to test it out. Would be really nice if you could try out to defoliate one plant and leave the other grow as usual. Would love to see the results.

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