Alternate Health

Alternate Health (CSE:AHG)

This technology company is putting its efforts into innovation in complementary medicine, clinical research, and medical cannabis. Thanks to these partnerships, Alternate Health is working on inspecting all medical venues of cannabidiol and other cannabinoids.

In May 2017, the company announced it received approval from the Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education in partnership with the American Medical Association for a detailed training program for doctors on Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy and Cannabis.

“Through our partnership with the University of Louisville, we have created an educational series that instructs doctors how to use cannabis as an emerging treatment for CTE and other medical disorders,” said in a statement Dr. Jamison Feramisco, CEO of Alternate Health.

Alternate Health’s most recent news came on July 3, when it announced a change to its testing laboratory structure.  The press release states that the changes will “maximize” profitability while positioning the company to service a larger base than currently available.