Aurora Cannabis Climbs 4%

Aurora Cannabis Climbs 4%
According to Markets Insider, marijuana producer Aurora Cannabis climbed 4% early Monday after posting results for the quarter ending September 30. The revenue posted at .7 million which is up 260% year-over-year.CEO Terry Booth said in the press release; “the commencement of adult consumer use sales in Canada has been very successful for Aurora, with strong performance across all product categories and brands”. Booth went on to say; “given the strong unmet consumer demand evident across Canada, we are confident that our rapidly increasing production capacity will result in continued acceleration of revenue growth.”


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Aurora Cannabis Climbs 4%
Norwood voters decriminalize marijuana, but you can still be cited under state law
NORWOOD, Ohio (WKRC) – Marijuana is now decriminalized in Norwood thanks to an ordinance.

Voters in the Hamilton County city passed the ordinance by a landslide with 72 percent voting in favor. But the Norwood Police Department says they still plan to prosecute, so the ordinance might not mean anything.

At Brick Coffee Shop on Floral Avenue, part owner Dey’Veon Carter said he voted “yes” on Issue 18, which removes penalties for misdemeanor marijuana. He said the woman behind it has been very active in her grassroots campaign.

“She brought awareness to it two years ago. To bring that in, and I think, like, she knew this election was coming up. It was the right time in the right place,” Carter said.

Amy Wolfinbarger started Sensible Norwood.

“Legalization is sweeping the nation and people shouldn’t be punished based on their zip code,” Wolfinbarger said.

She worked to get the signatures needed to put it on the ballot. At the polls Tuesday, a majority of voters were in favor of getting rid of fines and jail time for possession of less than 200 grams of marijuana. That’s the amount that’s inside a seven-ounce bag of potato chips.

“For one thing, 200 grams is a whole lot of marijuana,” said Valerie Walls.

Walls said she voted “no,” but she’s not surprised it passed.

“I believe that quite a few people partake in marijuana,” she said.

Lt. Ron Murphy from the Norwood Police Department said they found 300 grams in a man’s car in October, but finding that much is rare. Typically, it’s a small amount where the person pays up to a 0 fine.

“This is not going to save us any time. This will create more headaches because instead of a payout citation in our local court or clerk’s office, this person will have to, if we choose to cite under state law, they’ll have to pay the county,” Murphy said.

Murphy says pot is still illegal and won’t be tolerated in Norwood regardless of the new ordinance.

“I want it to be clear that we will seize it, so you will lose your marijuana. And then two, more than likely it’s going to end up we will cite under the state code because again, we are required because we took an oath under state law,” he said.

The ordinance will take place five days after the votes are certified.

Norwood voters decriminalize marijuana, but you can still be cited under state law