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Opinion/Letter: Get on board with marijuana reform

I understand the concern about the artificial marijuana called “spice,” detailed in The Daily Progress story “Police concern about 'spice' rises” (Aug. Google Alert – marijuana WeedTronic

Ending marijuana prohibition long overdue

I must respond to Auditor Dave Yost's pronouncement that decriminalization is good enough. Marijuana laws have been used to harass and keep the … Google Alert – marijuana WeedTronic

Marijuana supporters see reasons for optimism

He's still waiting, but the status of marijuana in Pennsylvania may be changing. Several bills are moving through the state Legislature. Stark, of Exeter … Google Alert – marijuana WeedTronic

Momentum builds for marijuana legalization

MONTPELIER — The force behind efforts to legalize marijuana in Vermont continues to gain momentum as influential policymakers embrace the idea … Google Alert – marijuana WeedTronic

Who's legalizing marijuana in U.S.?

3 would make Ohio a rare state to go from entirely outlawing marijuana to allowing it for all uses in a single vote. (Tom Dodge/The Columbus Dispatch … Google Alert...

Arcata Planning Commission considers three options for medical marijuana zone

Three staff recommendations for the proposed Medical Marijuana Innovation Zone will be discussed at Tuesday's regularly scheduled Arcata Planning … Google Alert – marijuana WeedTronic

About 375 lbs. of Marijuana Seized

Webb County Sheriff Deputies have seized about 375 lbs. of marijuana in El Cenizo Saturday evening. The seizure was made around 8:30 PM when … Google Alert – marijuana WeedTronic

Oregonian to OLCC: Allow Out-of-State Marijuana Business Investment

When crafting a marijuana legalization measure, it is necessary to balance several objectives, including: personal freedom and public safety; tax … Google Alert – marijuana WeedTronic

Authorities discover thousands of pounds of marijuana in San Bernardino County, San Gabriel Valley

Deputy Christopher Carrico found about 70 pounds of marijuana in a trash can in San Bernardino on Saturday. Photo courtesy of San Bernardino … Google Alert – marijuana WeedTronic

Moose Jaw Police seize marijuana, cocaine, and mushrooms

They raided a place on the 100 block of Fairford Street West. Inside they found magic mushrooms, a lot of cocaine, 3 lbs of marijuana, and baked … Google Alert...