BEST Breeders and Seedbanks on Earth 2018 – Cannabis – IMHO

BEST Breeders and Seedbanks on Earth 2018 – Cannabis – IMHO
LINKS to ALL MENTIONED COMPANIES in this video description! Today we discuss a question i get VERY often: my picks for top breeders and seedbanking operations in the legal Cannabis industry! Many of these companies have been operating since the 1980s, primarily out of Europe.

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Breeder/Seedbank Official Websites:
Green House –
CBD Crew –
CBD Botanic –
Seedsman –
Barney’s –
Jordan of the Islands –
True North –
Dutch Passion –
Kiwi Seeds –
Soma Seeds –

Nirvana – – NOTE: Several viewers report issues pertaining to shipping with Nirvana…If i had to re-record the video, i might bump them for Mr.Nice Seeds

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BEST Breeders and Seedbanks on Earth 2018 – Cannabis – IMHO

10 thoughts on “BEST Breeders and Seedbanks on Earth 2018 – Cannabis – IMHO”

  1. Lots of great seedbanks and breeders around. Every time I germinate a pack of Royal Queen Seeds, they all pop.

  2. Mr nice and Serious seeds because they have Black Widow IBL and Bubble Gum IBL very easy reproduce the reg. seeds.
    This 2 strain ,god memories.
    TH seeds, best flavors earth,dust my favorite… Barnies Farm so many good kush…..Royal Queen… but every breeder/company have 1 or 2 very god strain
    Serious White Russian/ sssdh Connoisseur / OG kush / Bue berry strains / Delahaze Paradise seeds / Sensi seeds Super Skunk list is long………….., here oktober often very rainy. these seeds work great for me, ( i try over 100 variety in outdoor the past 15 years ) but the Black Widow is my queen: no mold, very strong, no magnesium def., no cold death, easy reproduce, she not have the best flavor. When apocalypse come, i need one pocket reg. Black Widow (minimum) XD

  3. Great episode you have such a great face why hide your eyes with those ugly glasses. I have worked in a portrait studio for 37 years I know faces.

  4. I'm surprised you didn't mention Crockett Family Farms and DNA, they've won more cups than anyone. They were also on your highest THC strain list with Strawberry Banana. I also recommend Southern Oregon Seeds for best deal, ten feminized seeds for $55. And their bubblegum strain actually smells like bubblegum, highly recommend (pun intended).

  5. Sorry but Greenhouse is like Monsanto.
    The Packaing is like that because they sell it like a kind of Souvenir to tourists in Amsterdam!

  6. my fav bank is Hemp Depot and Dinafem is my fav breeder both have great quality and service

  7. Just curious. Have you ever watched Vader OG of Ocean Grown Seeds on YouTube? Gotta give him a shout out just for all the educating he's done. He also produces the highest quality videos on growing cannabis hands down. And the first Canadian breeder that comes to my mind is The House of the Great Gardner, he used to be a regular on Hash Church with Bubbleman.

  8. If you want rly good exotic sativas and other landraces there is only one being ACE with them being located in spain and testing the strains in europe and america.
    And only because jorge was afiliated in a company does not mean they are pros because jorge is full of shit most of the time.
    Yes he has experience but well he is still made out of the old wood wich value miths and oppinions over professional plant science and cultivation practices.

    And genarally most of the breeders out there sadly dont know alot about plants (yes some breeders are "professional") but many are not and dont know how to use breeding statistics and all those basic aspects of professional breeding. And its often more a gable than breeding with plan or goal.

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