Bubble Gum Marijuana Cannabis Seeds

Bubble Gum Marijuana Cannabis Seeds
http://SeedMine.com Bubble Gum Cannabis Strain is a pure indica that is exclusively an indoor cannabis strain. Steve Tuck (Horticulturalist / Botanist) explores the different nuances of this connoisseur cannabis seed strain.

Bubble Gum Marijuana Cannabis Seeds

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  1. yo haters stop being a bunch of twats atleast this guy is trying to share some knowledge about this strain with you for free he has taken his time to make and upload this vid so take it for what its worth and stop being a bunch of dicks peace!

  2. I'm confused. You say it is pure Indica, but graphic at :22 states it is hybrid, which is what I have heard. Dealie-o?

  3. Hey buddy.. if you want Bubblegum to grow outdoors, place a clone under fluorescents till you get it 5' or more and not very branchy. You want it long and skinny. Then place it in the ground about May-june. Just make sure you harvest it before a cold snap in the fall. BET YOU WONT FIND THAT ON THE NET!!!

  4. I want to add.. I've noticed bubblegum is resistant against mold and algae, but I always end up with a magnesium or nutrient deficiency!!

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