Cannabis Concentrates The Art of Extraction

Cannabis Concentrates The Art of Extraction
Originally published on Feb 3, 2017 by Leafly
Cannabis concentrates take on many forms, and seem to have about a thousand names such as cannabis oil, hash oil, dabs, wax, shatter, BHO, and rosin to name a few. There’s a strong argument to be made about why concentrates might be the future of cannabis, but few are familiar with how these concentrates are crafted. Host Roxy Striar travels the country to learn about the science (and art) of cannabis extraction.

“Roxy sits down with extract experts from Oleum Extracts in Auburn, Washington, Evolab in Denver, Colorado, Vapen Clear in Phoenix, Arizona, and Pioneer Nuggets in Arlington, Washington to learn more about their ideas about the future of the cannabis extract industry. Their responses are as varied as their cannabis extraction methods, and include an pushing for an increased focus on the importance of cannabinoid and terpene ratios, striving for consistency between batches, and listening to and creating the perfect extract for medical marijuana patients.”

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The Art of Extraction, Part 5: The Future of the Cannabis Extract Industry:

Cannabis Concentrates The Art of Extraction
Why People Use Cannabis

Gary and Brandon are cannabis enthusiast and they use it all the time. But why do they?

On this episode, we discuss just what cannabis does for us and to us and why some people prefer it for the many effects and benefits it can have on a person’s life. Load a bowl and maybe learn something.
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Why People Use Cannabis

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  1. But, in all seriousness, I used cannabis to get off of Norco, which I had been taking for many years for chronic arthritis pain! No better medicine! I’ve been off opiates for over a year.

  2. I never flew a jet through fog before, but I was sitting in the co-pilots seat on a little plane flying into Pittsburg, when the pilot thought it would just awesome to cut the fricking engines! Damn I wish I'd been stoned at the time! Freaky and beautifully quiet at the same time.

  3. you guys are fricking great love the videos keep them coming shout out from cold ass Minnesota

  4. I mainly use weed to focus and make the boring stuff more fun, thus I mainly smoke sativa. Indica for sleep is ok, but I hate the sedated sleepy feeling. So I would say I use weed to enhance daily life, not to remove myself from it.

  5. If you have access to legal cannabis its easy to make sure you smoke responsibly, but if you are in a situation where you aren't able to get it legally, it can be a lot harder to control what type of high you get.

  6. the fact that you come from so cal and only know that much about weed, just shows how uneducated this person is and how much they need to find someone with actual experience and knowledge

  7. How to sensibly buy LEGAL cbd oil? Because I got a letter saying customs has confiscated my package two times already and I’m pissed.

  8. What are the aromatic substances or synthetics such as henna, which is added to cannabis to increase the amount and smell of pungent and texture forms

  9. I see a mistake being done by Ethan the Rosin guy,, I have to say putting all the cannabis in one pouch is 100% better than separating them,, big mistake….

  10. I decided to create a GoFundMe account. Why not I'm a single full Dad and receive very little child support from my son's Mother. Things are tough all over right now and the Federal government is forcing me into bankruptcy soon with the monthly cost of my cannabinoid medicine. If you can help it's much appreciated!

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