Cannabis Pollen – How To Collect, Store and Pollinate

Cannabis Pollen – How To Collect, Store and Pollinate
How You Get Pollen from male Cannabis plants and apply it to females, creating seed development. This horticultural technique of saving pollen and using it later in precise pollinating is useful within breeding, as well as tougher techniques like creating Feminized seeds.

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Cannabis Pollen – How To Collect, Store and Pollinate

19 thoughts on “Cannabis Pollen – How To Collect, Store and Pollinate”

  1. Waited for this video a long time??

    Btw thx.If it wasnt for you my first batch of babies whould have died.And they are in flowering mode as we speak

  2. Thanks for this great Informative way to start the process. We are doing this for the first time. Like the previous message You are and have always been a great wealth of information ???

  3. Thanks a lot I always wondered how to collect male pollen I just threw the mail plants in the garbage now I know how to save them

  4. hey Lex, can you please tell how do it comes out so, that there are some seeds in femail plant, that has been grown in perfectly isolated growrom?

  5. Nice one lex ma friend av jst had a male pop up in my garden aswell from a pack off big bud fem seeds dnt knw what happened but its not a hermi or tht its a male.. was fem seeds aswell from big budda.. hav u heard off tht happening? ? Am gonna collect pollen off it so thanks for the video. .peace from Glasgow Scotland uk keeeeeep it greeeeeen ma friend

  6. is there any difference of what strain pollen is collected? if i pollinate buds with random strain pollen will it be new strain ? do i have to use same strain pollen and females ?

  7. Thanks for covering this topic. I am currently trying to preserve some genetics. So I am attempting to make feminized pollen. Using colloidal silver, its not working day 14 there is no sign of male flowers. Nice vId. Thanks for content. -CE

  8. I don't get one thing… how do you chose a male? I mean you can't exactly smoke it to figure out what kind of terps/high it will introduce in the offspring…
    Or are there criterias for choosing males that I'm not aware of?

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