Cannabis vs. Cancer

Cannabis vs. Cancer
Medical Marijuana does this hold a hope of a cure against cancer or is it Mother Nature remedy to this growing plague?

There is much that needs to be discussed on this topic and the reason is this according to the CDC there is a 1 in 3 chance you are someone you know will have cancer attack them and a 1 in 5 chance of dying from cancer once it takes hold in the body.

Big Pharma is not in the business of finding cures it is in the business of managing a disease, we each have a price tag.

Join me and my guest Mark Smith of as we go deep on this controversial subject.

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Cannabis vs. Cancer

10 thoughts on “Cannabis vs. Cancer”

  1. i feel obligated to ignore immoral, illegitimate, ungodly "laws".
    (-: better it stay illegal, than the corporations get their dirty mitts on it…

  2. Thanks Wayne this reminded me to get my med card updated!! As a former cancer treated person( stupid me), cannabis is a God sent! Bless you for this!!

  3. I have nerve damage on my feet. I smoke daily and have done for 20 years I find if smoked from say 20 when your 40 you still feel young and think young. So I guess everyone knows Wayne’s dealer now. I bet you get emails for weed now.

  4. I smoke it every day aganst pain and trauma problems.
    I try grow it and I have a good friend growing too from who I buy.
    I love it. It kills my bone pain I had sinds my 13th and my fear level is mutch lower. I am more relaxed, and I have more controle over my dreams.
    It's truly a wonder pland?

  5. Lol that dog in the end wooowwoooow? my dog barked back hahaha aawww ? love your show Wayne??? Have a nice day ?

  6. I love cannabis! I guess im considered a recreational user, I dont see the point of buying a medical card for a couple hundred dollars. No despensaries nearby anyways. Its funny mark mentioned marketing weed as a budweiser. Budweiser, and other beer, contain hops. A plant in the cannabis family. Hops have powerful sedative properties, just the aroma can help with insomnia, not to mention hop tea.✌?

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