Cannabis VS PTSD: Every Night Is A Nightmare. Can Marijuana Help?

Cannabis VS PTSD: Every Night Is A Nightmare. Can Marijuana Help?
After seven years of service in the Marines, Sean Major continues to support his fellow veterans through cannabis activism.

The 26 -year-old former Marine sergeant believes high-CBD medical cannabis is safer and more effective for veterans’ recuperation than pharmaceutical options, and he wants to raise awareness and foster change. While finishing his military career in the Wounded Warrior Battalion at Camp Pendleton, California, Major worked as an intern at two cannabis-related companies in San Diego. He was medically discharged from the Marines in May, and leaves with the deep scars of multiple brain injuries.

He hopes cannabis will be able to replace a jarring regimen of pharmaceuticals.

“I have to take pharmaceuticals to counteract effects from other pills I’m prescribed to treat my 33 medical conditions, and if I could use medical cannabis, I wouldn’t have all those side effects,” Major says.

During his military service, he was not allowed to use cannabis, and was drug tested bi-weekly.

His ultimate goal is to help other veterans through cannabis therapy. He believes some pharmaceutical solutions to veterans’ illnesses are doing more harm than good.

“I have lost more brothers- and sisters-in-arms to pharmaceuticals than to combat,” Major says.

Major claims the Marines could scale back on using pharmaceuticals in favor of high-CBD medical cannabis for treating the most severely injured Wounded Warriors.

“I’m not advocating, nor do I condone, the use of marijuana for active-duty service members,” he says. “I’m only talking about Marines already on their way out due to extreme medical conditions using the safer, natural alternative — non-euphoric, high-CBD medical cannabis.”

Major’s theory runs directly counter to the current Marine Corps policy. The current classification of the cannabis plant as a Schedule I drug precludes its use among Marines, even in the Wounded Warriors, but there is mounting evidence to suggest that marijuana has the potential to mitigate PTSD symptoms. Major believes drawing attention to this paradox can save lives.

Cannabis VS PTSD: Every Night Is A Nightmare. Can Marijuana Help?