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National marijuana trafficking network busted in Operation Hagrid

RCMP in two provinces have seized more than $ 232,000 in cash, nearly 100 kilograms of marijuana and 14 vehicles after a huge drug bust following … Google Alert –...

12 things we know (and don't know) about Bernie Sanders's marijuana proposal

On Wednesday night, Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders announced a proposal to dramatically shift marijuana policy in the United … Google Alert – marijuana WeedTronic

Bernie Sanders To Introduce Legislation to Remove Marijuana from Controlled Substance Act

bernie sanders marijuana One day after announcing at George Mason University that he plans to introduce legislation to remove marijuana from the … Google Alert – marijuana WeedTronic

The state of Colorado, since marijuana became legal

These tend to be less expensive commercial space, we saw the price for those go up for those spaces when marijuana was legalized,” said Brough. Google Alert – marijuana...

Pot-laced candy: the truth behind Halloween's marijuana scare story

Marijuana-infused sour gummy bear candies, right, are shown next to conventional ones at left in Golden, Colorado in October 2014. Photograph: Rick … Google Alert – marijuana WeedTronic

Bernie Sanders' Not-So-Radical Marijuana Idea

Two candidates nodded to liberalizing standards about marijuana in the United States on Wednesday—one expected, one a little more surprising. Google Alert – marijuana WeedTronic

Disconnect in Laws Will Create Medical Marijuana Predicament at Work

When New York's new medical marijuana program takes effect next year, … Federal law, however, still considers any form of marijuana illegal. For this … Google Alert – marijuana WeedTronic

Non-Profits Becoming More Relaxed about Accepting Donations from Pot Companies

As marijuana legalization spreads across the land and the pot-smoking stigma relaxes, cannabis-related businesses are naturally becoming more involved in the communities around them—and some are even donating money...

Donald Trump Asked If He Supports Marijuana Legalization On Recent Campaign Stop

Many in the marijuana world got what they wanted yesterday when Bernie Sanders finally came out officially with his support for marijuana legalization … Google Alert – marijuana WeedTronic

8 Ways To Support Marijuana Reform That Cost Little To No Money

I get asked all of the time how people can support marijuana reform. Most of the time the question is being asked by someone who admits ahead of … Google...