12 thoughts on “CNN: Easy to get medical pot in California”

  1. This got me bent. They act like it's some horrible substance. It's actually safer than alcohol but yet do we see them making Vids like these about it? No.

  2. Born and raised in California. In my early 60s damn I'm glad the weed is so much better now. I'm also glad it's finally legal for recreational use. It's about time!

  3. Getting a recommendation in California is a joke. And so is their weed now. Truly garbage. Cali has become the ripoff state! Money trumps all.

  4. if it is legal to smoke recreationally , why in the world would anyone need a Medical Marijuana Card ? California stinks just like it's leaders !!!!!

  5. Smoke weed EVERYDAY so other countries will take over America as the world's foremost superpower. Yup, so most AMERICANS will be so high they won't care if NORTH KOREA builds nuclear missles to target them.

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