Colorado Weed Adventure, Hurray for silliness

Colorado Weed Adventure, Hurray for silliness
Also ” What is Love” is originally done by Haddaway.
So to explain, I live in Glendale Arizona. Medical Marijuana is legal here, but recreational is not. My friends live up near Sedona, which is picture here.

Also, when I was like 4-5 years old, i actually lived in Loveland for a year, and it was a beautiful place. I moved back , and , as much as I do love Arizona, which I do, I can’t help but admire the kind of beauty that Loveland had, not to mention there was something spiritual that I do not want to go into details about, I might at some point. but not right now.

I was talking to myself about a hypothetical trip to Loveland…not as a set in stone kind of thing, just hypothetical and what kinds of things I would need or do if I ever got to go to Loveland again, and most of all, who I would go with. I thought about all my friends and who would enjoy that trip the most, and I landed on my friends who enjoy the green…for medical reasons of course. They live up North near Sedona.

And then this silliness was born. I couldn’t help myself.

And this is only the first one. I already have a script written for the second one.

Understand, I do not intend to make Colorado look foolish. And there is more to Colorado than just weed, if you ever plan to make a trip there. There is the rockies, The garden of the Gods, and lovely scenery, not to mention it has four seasons. And for someone, like me, who lives in a place where one season reigns for 5 months out of the year and the rest get condensed into the other 7, you kind of appreciate places where there are seasons.

I also found out that schools are able to keep their art programs because the legalization of Marijuana boosted their economy. That makes me smile more than anything, especially as an artist. I very much support the rest of the country catching up.

Colorado Weed Adventure, Hurray for silliness