Daily Cannabis Grow Log – Dec. 18 | TRANSPLANTING INTO 7 GAL FABRIC POTS |

Dec. 18 (Day 14)

2 weeks down! Today the fabric pots arrived with just enough time to transplant the little guys before the sun went down. This transplant was much needed as they were starting to become root bound + it is cold AF + a little over-watering last night. This should get them to start taking off…

Also, one of the clips we used was from our fave show…check it out…it’s pretty freakin’ hillarious!

The Big Lez Show Official: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9tb73W90YX4

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Living Organic Soil Mix – Full Batch

Daily Cannabis Grow Log – Dec. 17

G-LEAF 7-Gallon 10-Pack Fabric Grow Bag With Strap Handles

BIOAG Ful – Power Humic Acid

Pond Fogger

Digital Thermometer

Sticky Traps

Twist-Top Tower Fan
Daily Cannabis Grow Log - Dec. 18 | TRANSPLANTING INTO 7 GAL FABRIC POTS |

The traditional fruit shake, made a little more fun.
Put some energy powder in there to get you going, put some Cannavis in there to help you Lean Back and Relax.
Cooking with Cannavis - How to make a Fruit Shake with Cannabis Marijuana

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