(18+) *LEGAL MEDICAL CANNABIS PATIENT* Thought i’d bring it back to some normal content today. So I decided to film a weed myth I saw someone on …


49 thoughts on “DO ORANGE HAIRS ON WEED GET YOU HIGH? – (Weed Myths #8)”

  1. So technically smoking a bowl of pistils is the same as smoking a bowl of
    weed vaginas, nice ???

  2. hey Josh I was hoping if I can use Central for my YouTube channel that you
    inspired me to start a YouTube channel but I just wanted to know if I could
    use the name central because I don’t people saying that I copied you

  3. In the jenver video what was the name of the place u went too where u could
    rent a mansion if I could ask thanks

  4. I’ve got a couple of autoflower’s on the way but for some reason one of
    them started flowering a couple days ago even tho it is only like 2 inches

  5. Hey josh! Are you able to do a weed myth video on the myth that the first
    time you smoke weed you don’t get high? In my personal experience the first
    few times I didn’t get high.

  6. If you take a macro lense to a frosty nug you can see trichomes on the
    pistils; therefore it will get you medicated but not where you need to be
    haha. Cheers Josh!

  7. He’s right , one time way back stupidly I spent time and plucked most the
    hairs from an entire OZ. When I thought that they were the most potent part
    of cannabis, I packed a large bowl of straight pistols lol It wasn’t very
    potent at all.

  8. Please dont wear black shirts anymore on camera because it causes that my
    screen will reflect really good and it is annoying. I hope you understand
    that sentence cus im stoned as fuck rn and tried to explain it as good as i

  9. Trichomes get you high if dog shit had em you get high its negligble on
    pistils, and in huge amounts the pistils arnt good for you

  10. Good to see you back to normal, I miss the gentle background beats and the
    chill setting.

    Keep it up Josh :)

  11. i dont think so at least not that much higher for it to worth the
    investment bit i have noticed that strains with high visible amount of
    pistils (orange hairs) actually taste better

  12. Josh if there’s anything I’ve learned smoking weed it’s that not everything
    about weed can be explained with science some things just happen

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