EASIEST way to get into Cannabis Stocks and Investing

EASIEST way to get into Cannabis Stocks and Investing
Join Robinhood and we’ll both get a share of stock like Apple, Ford, or Sprint for free. Make sure you use my link. https://share.robinhood.com/elijahw140

This is a labor of love. Your money and decisions are your own. I am not responsible for lost money while playing with the stock market. Have fun and be positive. I believe in you.

Why is this important? Because firstly it opens up a set of financial tools that the rich use and understand. If you’re not rich…Maybe this could help. Secondly, if like me you believe the voting system is broken in America, where you put your money says something. Make a statement and put your money where your lungs are.


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EASIEST way to get into Cannabis Stocks and Investing

18 thoughts on “EASIEST way to get into Cannabis Stocks and Investing”

  1. Thanks for making This video. Have you heard of the weed coins that people are making a bunch of money on?

  2. Signed up, gonna check it out a little more in a few minutes.. thanks for doing this video and looking forward to the next one.. keep up the great work , cheers ????

  3. I got sprint and someone else sit ed up using my link and I got a Groupon. But I can't find any marijuana ones to buy. 🙁

  4. Thanks for the vid! The past few videos have been incredible! Have you invested in any crypto currencies?

  5. Back with the daily content ! I'm loving it . That disclaimer made me laugh , anybody will try and pin their idiocy on other people eh.

  6. when u turn to
    stocks, u are brainwashed, and u know it slow. still waiting for my nobody bowl…

  7. I'm glad you're expanding into newer and more informational content. It's very enjoyable.

  8. Why’s it need my social security number for me to make a account jw? Loved the video btw

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