Explaining Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Explaining Feminized Cannabis Seeds
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Explaining Feminized Cannabis Seeds

12 thoughts on “Explaining Feminized Cannabis Seeds”

  1. so if you have a morph and a female you get feminized seeds? male and female mixture of all three?

  2. ok so if you let your plant over ripen& as a last ditch effort she pollinates herself, are those seeds going to be feminized? I've had this happen to me awhile ago&I saved the seeds just in case& would really like to know.think you so much! very great video!

  3. i have a back assward question for the community… if i had a batch of feminized seed i bought, and i wanted to pollinate them when they grow by putting a male in the mix, would that produce decent seed for future grows? or would they be all hermy? any insight on this would be awesome.. and im asking because i would like to just make a bean stash for future situations.. thanks

  4. males are a fucking waste. 8 weeks of nutes wasted on them fuck boys. I'd be more pissed if I got a hermaphrodite tho.

  5. Dumb. If you don't stress your plants they don't go herm, period. If you are using fem seeds and know what your doing you will be fine.

  6. This is not how feminized seeds are formed. So called hermaphrodites do not produce 100% female seeds. Cannabis possesses three sex chromosomes; 100% females have XXX , intersex(hermaphrodites) females have XXY and so produce male seeds as well as female seeds that also contain the Y chromosome and if stressed will become “hermie”. 100% female seeds form naturally through the process of parthenogenesis; a XXX female that has been kept seedless will sometimes, near the end of the flowering cycle, produce a staminate flower from within the female flower, forming similar to a seed . When the XXX chromosome staminate flower emerges from the female flower it looks exactly like a male flower. This pollen , when applied to the mother plant it comes from or to another 100% female plant will produce only female seeds since it contains only female DNA. This bull crap about hermaphrodites producing 100% females has been around for a long time and over the last 26 years I have tried using hermies to get all fem seed @6 times the last time being 2010 and every time the seeds that were produced were both male and female.
    This process of parthenogenesis can be chemically stimulated in a XXX chromosome female. The female pollen can be applied to an untreated part of the mother plant or can be applied to other 100% fems.

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