First Legal Weed Pick Up in California

First Legal Weed Pick Up in California
HIGH FRIENDS! Exciting day for us Californians!! Today we step into our favorite local dispensary, LAPCG (Los Angeles Patient Caregivers Group), and pick up our first legal recreational weed??


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Alice & Clark
P.O. Box 931802
Los Angeles, CA 90093

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First Legal Weed Pick Up in California

15 thoughts on “First Legal Weed Pick Up in California”

  1. Did that dude just say a 15 dollar 8th? Whooooooooo the fuck is selling weed that cheap in California! SHIT!!! lol

  2. Honestly I hate the plastic packaging. It's really wasteful and not environmentally friendly at all. It makes me sad 🙁

  3. Very interested to see how the culture develops with legalization. I'm not happy with everything that comes with legal weed but the effect it will have on our population is gonna be fun to see.

  4. That looks like such a nice dispensary for a smaller scale shop, definitely going to be a stop someday

  5. Certified medical patient here in Arkansas. Waiting 6 more months after our conservative government delayed things. 6 more months of suffering. They are the ones that should be going through it. Can't wait to walk into the dispensary that first day and buy my full 2 1/2 ounces. 🙂 I'm 52 and your channel is helping to educate my noob self.

  6. Boy did they have so amazing stuff at that store there is 3 where i live small town lol in wa there aren others but i only got to one

  7. I have a dumb question, weed is now legal by the state of California but fed it’s still illegal, it’s legal for them to sell it but the person buying is making a illegal purchase. why and how does that work??? Help,can you or can you not smoke it??

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