Fox News Doctor Spreads Marijuana Propaganda

Fox News Doctor Spreads Marijuana Propaganda
Fox News continues it’s losing war against legal marijuana in the country by touting outdated and disproven arguments against it. Cenk Uygur and Ana Kasparian, the hosts of The Young Turks, break it down. Tell us what you think in the comment section below.

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“Fox News Medical A-Team member Dr. Marc Siegel on Wednesday asserted that marijuana was “worse than alcohol” for drivers because it stays in the system for days, and that pregnant women could not be trusted not to abuse the drug.

In a segment on Fox & Friends that resembled 1930s-era anti-marijuana propaganda films like “Reefer Madness,” Siegel predicted a dire future for the state of California after it voted to legalize recreational marijuana.

Siegel pointed out, not surprisingly, that more people in Colorado had been caught driving with marijuana in their system following the legalization of the drug. And he also noted that the number of people who had car accidents with marijuana in their system had doubled.

“That doesn’t mean that pot is the cause,” he admitted. “It means that people who die in car wrecks, twice as many as before have some marijuana in their system.”

“It’s worse than alcohol in some ways,” the Fox News doctor added. “It stays in your system for days and days and days — THC — so it impairs judgement. That’s what you need with driving. You know, it impairs how you are thinking, where you perceive the next car being.”

Hosts: Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian

Cast: Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian


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Fox News Doctor Spreads Marijuana Propaganda

17 thoughts on “Fox News Doctor Spreads Marijuana Propaganda”

  1. The effect of Sessions's fascism on display: Ana Kasparian saying her knowledge of marijuana comes from a friend.

  2. Jeff Sessions has massive stocks in the privatized prison industry. Jeff Sessions and the GOP profits from locking up lots and lots of non-violent offenders.

  3. Conservatives always spreadin' fear that CHILDREN get hurt from smoking pot, and it's like, no shit, children should not have access to intoxicants, welcome to Earth.
    oh and alcohol is a poison not an intoxicant

  4. TYT isn’t interested in the science behind Marijuana’s effects on the human body. Forget about the potential psychosis and lower IQ that come with chronic usage, right TYTurds? And you all consider yourselves “educated” ?

  5. They didn’t look too close at the monkey study. What happened was they put a gas mask over monkeys face and pumped it full of pure smoke not allowing any Oxygen to come into the mask as well. The monkeys brain died simply because there was no oxygen pumped into the mask only pure smoke with no O2 added. people don’t know the truth about that study it’s terrible what they did to that monkey starving him of oxygen that’s why the brain died bc no oxygen was added this suffocated the monkey it had nothing to do with the cannabis look it up don’t believe the lies!

  6. Anna the study that showed Cannabis kills brain cells,.. those chimps were literally wearing gas masks and pumped with pure cannabis smoke..that killed their brain cells due to oxygen depravation.

  7. Wait idk y y'all so hard on fox like u don't remember when they crusaded against alcohol being legal since he just said that weed is a gateway drug to alcohol which implies that it is worst than weed or one of the worst drugs cigarettes or opioids oh yeaaaaaaa

  8. Ok so let's say that marijuana doesn't kill brain cells.
    Apparently, nothing bad has happened to people who are paranoid, hallucinating or majorly tripping.

  9. The monkeys lost brain cells because they were wearing masks to smoke and were lacking oxygen to their brains for the entire smoke session. It's hard to get monkeys to smoke weed without strapping it to their faces. Lack of oxygen=dead brain cells. When humans smoke, it's intentional and the subconscious habit of breathing is not prevented thus not causing brain cell damage because the human hits the joint and then breathes and repeats. They're not only breathing smoke. They're not drowning in smoke like the monkeys were. LACK OF OXYGEN kills brain cells, not the marijuana. Simple

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