Ganja Gummy Factory! (THC Candy!!)

Ganja Gummy Factory! (THC Candy!!)
► This video is intended for Legal Medicinal / Recreational Cannabis Patients & 18+ Adults.

► This machine was purchased from Wal-Mart for only .00! It makes the process infinitely easier!

► So, I am an MMPR patient in Canada who extracts his own medicine in multiple different ways, that i’ll be showing on this channel, in beautiful HD!

► Be sure to leave a comment asking any questions you may or may not have & If this entertained you, click the like button! Thanks Guys!

► Thumbnail done by: Seth,

Ganja Gummy Factory! (THC Candy!!)

20 thoughts on “Ganja Gummy Factory! (THC Candy!!)”

  1. why is the voice sped up. this would have been better if you just made the dam video and not put the nusic so loud and the chipmunk voice.

  2. great video man! how much would I use if I used regular shatter and not reclaim to make those many gummies????

  3. Only question is with the potentency so high does the flavor taste nice ? And what was that machine called

  4. That metal in metal shit is not healthy at all….facts…. nice vid but use a mini rubber spatulla……

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