Goonj – The Empty Call | Naseeruddin Shah | Marijuana Documentary

A documentary featuring Mr. Naseeruddin Shah that explores the issues revolving around the illegal cultivation of cannabis (the biological name for the derivative plant for charas or marijuana) in the Himachal Pradesh state of India.

A large section of people feel that cannabis, the holy weed, should be legalized for a number of reasons. ‘Goonj’ goes into the depth of the layers involved in the decision of legalization and cultivation of this weed.
Goonj - The Empty Call | Naseeruddin Shah | Marijuana Documentary

12 thoughts on “Goonj – The Empty Call | Naseeruddin Shah | Marijuana Documentary”

  1. nice piece of knowledge nd discussion…
    bt I still love weed.. 🙂 (no offence ) bcoz it makes me feel gud..

  2. The Tribune lady shows so little knowledge about the socio-cultural effects of marijuana, as well as the historical place of marijuana in Indian culture & in the origis of the vedic religion, that it's pointless trying to reason with anyone like her. The best we can do is just laugh about it.

    The majority of the so called anti-weed populace will be the same way. Ask them why it's bad, & they'll say that's because everyone (the government?) says so, or because it's a 'drug'. these are the geniuses of the realm, indeed.

  3. When our ancestors were being administered and ruled by foreigners, a sense of insecurity prevailed at the time, so every issue/scam was rhetorically highlighted across the nation. Now we are more satisfied being ruled by our own countrymen, where laws and legislation are haphazard, administration is haywire, journalists uncover only selective issues for their own selfish motive. Democracy theoretically is a fascinating concept, but in practicality it limits the freedom by the way one has to think about sentiments of friggin so many types of communities, authorities.

    Its like when we had fear of a dragon, we planned to be guarded by installing a lion. Now that dragon has receeded, but that same lion is acting as its proxy and threatening us!!

  4. smoke it then you'll got to know . what that thing is… ban tobacco and alcohol because this is addictive not marijuana.. and please legalize cannabis..
    Jai bholenath?

  5. yeh right… uproot and eradicate all the marijuana plantS and replace it with poppies and put your soldiers to look after it. soldiers and cops paid by tax payers money. and yes pray for the natives to just die and grab their lands or better,y not try to educate them into the system so that they can go beg, steal and harm others. make it like your numerous already existing concrete jungles which indians are so proud of. make them queue up for job interviews which they will never get. this is modernisation to you, modernisation where the so called educated, learned, rich taking decisions for the people of the north just because they are not living in accordance to capitalistic and babylonian norms. live them alone for gods sake and get on with your lives in your fancy house and cars which you earned by corruption anyway, if not by bootlicking of heroin n cocaine druglords. why not try and stop other drugs that are being produced by professionals in your labs and stop gun smugglers and mafias financing your filthy film industry. LEAVE THE POOR NATIVE PEOPLE'S WAY OF LIFE ALONE AND SORT YOURSELF OUT FIRST.

  6. There's no negative effect of smoking charas. I have been smoking it for three years I can drive on it, talk to people and do regular things. I can sleep better , eat Better , and live happier. I get regular check ups with the Doctor I'm healthy. India is really uneducated when it comes to marijuana the country thinks it is a serious drug. Every medicine you take is a drug and it is worse than weed. Just fucking legalize. Maybe it will help with the high poverty in India.WTF is pm Modi doing ? Fucking dumb ass politicians in India who don't give a fuck .

  7. Hi Adhiraj and team! A great work by you all.. I loved the way you presented the issue. You showed us every aspect. . Photography was appreciable along with Interviews, Narration & Background score. Must say one of the best documentaries I have seen . I have already shared this among my whatsapp groups. Expecting much more such great work from you (& team) Lots of wishes!!

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