Great News For The Cannabis Industry And Marijuana Stocks! (Michigan Says YES!)

Great News For The Cannabis Industry And Marijuana Stocks! (Michigan Says YES!)
Great News For The Cannabis Industry And Marijuana Stocks! (Michigan Says YES!)

What’s up family my name is Antonio and on this channel, we bring you the newest hottest and most interesting investment opportunities out there and just as today sometimes we cover important news.

This article over here is from today actually, it was published a few hours ago on the website

And it goes like this:

North Dakota voters set to reject marijuana legalization measure

But that’s not what we care about, we care about the second paragraph over here

Michigan became the 10th U.S. state to legalize recreational pot use

Although the tittle is a little but off-putting and it seems like bad news, it really isn’t

It’s not even mixed news, this is straight up great news for the industry.

Not only is this going to open even more possibilities for some of our favorite companies, but it will also make more than 10 million people in the US familiar with the industry, shops will be opened, after a few months off course, people will start experimenting and what not, and just in general this makes the revenue that the industry was said to generate in 2019 even bigger.

There are two basic reasons why we think this is great news for the cannabis industries and marijuana stocks.

The first reason will have to be the population. Michigan has 10 million people living there and North Dakota still sits under a million at around 8 hundred thousand. That’s 13 times more potential MOENY PAYING people.

The 2nd reason on why we over here at baby think that this is Great News For The Cannabis Industry And Marijuana Stocks and are happy with this is because of the location of the state. So, Michigan is right under Ontario, which we all know is like the mecca of recreational cannabis companies in Canada, and it’s also the 4th biggest province in Canada and it’s also is the province that has the highest population, meaning a lot of cannabis companies will open new locations in Ontario, start factories in Ontario, because there are a lot of people willing to work in the industry, meaning they will produce more cannabis and they will have to sell it to someone and not only in Canada, they all want to enter the rich US market, and the export to Michigan will be a lot easier and thus cheaper than other states, simply because it’s right around the corner, and that will help those companies cut their costs and get higher profit margins BUT also if there are companies that you were looking into that were based in Ontario, or have working shops or factories there, it will now be a lot easier, actually cheaper, for them to open a new location in the rich market of united states.

As always our tips on how to play this move right here, would be: search for a company with a great business model, that you personally believe in, a company that is globally well diversified and has partnerships with several countries on different continents, a company that has lots of licenses and patents to grow and sell marijuana and protect their intellectual property, a company that has a clear game plan and a company that has enough cash on hand to execute that strategy.

But that’s harder than it sounds and if you’re out of ideas you could also go to our channel and start looking over there because we release weekly tips on companies to watch and not only in the marijuana industry, but I won’t ruin the surprise so, definitely check out!

Great News For The Cannabis Industry And Marijuana Stocks! (Michigan Says YES!)