Green Ninja’s Next Indoor Organic CFL Medical Marijuana Grow Part 27: Grape Ape Harvest

Green Ninja's Next Indoor Organic CFL Medical Marijuana Grow Part 27: Grape Ape Harvest

What if you could have the benefits of hydroponics ( fast growth, large yields, large healthy plants) with the taste and quality that soil growing offers?

HYDROSOIL Super Soil Mix:
1 part coco
1 part perlite or growstone
1 part ocean forest
sprinkle powdered root inoculate (VAM is cheapest)

Mix together very thoroughly
Mix 1tsp Cal/mag per gallon water PH 6.0
Add enough water so that when mixed it clumps up
After plant has been put into HYDROSOIL water super heavy with Grow or Bloom nutrient Line up
Continue to water daily if needed to keep soil supersaturated never let drop below 50% moisture content if at all possible.

I guarantee once you have tried this on just one plant you will never use another soil mix again.

If you grow in hydro keep doing the same thing your doing except in HYDROSOIL, If you grow in soil keep doing the same thing except in HYDROSOIL.

-Nearly impossible to over water as long as water can drain off or in large saucer then drained.
-No transplant shock
-No transplanting at all
-Insane fast growth
-Super healthy plants with a high BRIX
-Use any nutrient line up synthetic, organic, hydro, soil
-Best possible flavor
-Massive yields
– No root binding or root lock up

The single limiting factor to huge plants and huge crops is not lighting or nutrients it is how much water your plants can uptake. The more water the more nutrients the bigger the plants the more the yield.

HYDROSOIL is a technique that perfectly marries hydroponics and soil together without all the headaches and equipment needed when growing in hydroponics.

If you find this video fascinating please share your comments and questions and subscribe to our channel. I will be happy to answer any questions you may have.
HYDROSOIL- The New Way To Grow Medical Marijuana Cannabis

33 thoughts on “Green Ninja’s Next Indoor Organic CFL Medical Marijuana Grow Part 27: Grape Ape Harvest”

  1. Great video and thank you for your wisdom. I'm using maxxyieldpowerpot's. I've found using coco coir gives me roots like my friends hydroponic system!!!! I didn't know you could grow using coco only because it doesn't contain minerals. I'm still learning though, Sir. Great work and again thank you for passing along your wisdom. I always appreciate grow tips, Sir

  2. I appreciate your technique . I've alway grown using soil myself and have just switched from smart pots to air pots and I'm now working with coco. I liked the smart pots at first, but I had my plant stakes in holding up my heavy cola's and I unfortunately had a couple plant's tip over and they snapped beyond repair. Live and learn!!! L0L

  3. you should look into air i jection texhnology if you want to do a hydro/soil mixture and you will really like that system

  4. Have u heard of auto pots -it takes the guessing game your playing out of the whole process–i use 50/50 ocean n pro mix-ppm steady 600 all the way through – veg to a one gallon pot transplant to auto pot n flower immediately 5-8 zips per plant– you get all the flavor with the speed of hydro

  5. what are your thoughts on backbuilding? Can you maybe try a side by side comparison experiment with a couple tops to see if its effective?

  6. Its been shown that some beefy plants that are stable can be fed, saturated, flushed and given strong nutrients in a good Coco/perlite VS soil and will yield significantly more. House and Garden nutrients are an industry standard and following the full line has been crazy good in Coco and at this point maybe cal mag + foliar added….. bro my 5gal coco/perlite containers are supporting 4foot bushes, being fed every day. These roots are insane, like a 5gal tub of spagetti. Ill never do it any other way. Better results the first time around.

  7. the fan leaves are only growing three leaflets at a time for a long time, that most likely means they're stressed out.

  8. I don't understand why you think there is a better way to grow plants than how mother nature was intended… in the soil with just plain water. if you take the time to learn sustainable gardening techniques and learn how to build proper soil and compost it will pay you back in abundance. those bottle companies you are talking about are producing toxic chemicals and people are inhaling them. your wasting your time and not learning anything valuble if your doing hydroponics just truth

  9. yeah you got to be a michiganian, coming up with this brilliant ideal. definitely educational, I going to try this thanks for the knowledge. KEEP IT GROWING GREEN!!!! Peace.

  10. the sugar leaves you left on that nug that you showed are cool but you could easily trim it tighter to the bud and make it prettier. then make hash out of that. cheers m8s

  11. It is almost killing me not to be able to grow. I play the lottory in the hopes of being able to move to Colorado or Washington state so I can medicate myself. Just out of basic training I was 39 and almost had a perfect physical training score. When I went to Fort.Bliss elpaso TX I received some shots. My immune system went to shit and felt like I had the flue all of the time. As soon as I got out I smoked medication ? and felt better. Im sure there are others like me. One day IT will happen for me. Thankyou guys for inspiration.

  12. use a screen to collect the kief that falls off instead of letting it land on the table…

  13. Dude get some lights. What was your yield? I've been there with the cfl grows. Great for veg but the numbers are not there for flower. I got some dank but for the time and effort the reward was minute. Not throwing shade, just passing info. I get down in a legal state also. It is what it is.

  14. jesus why don't you just use HPS so much wasted energy here using CFLs great grow and beautiful nugs but damn do the math kinda forced to scrog it out because you get no light penetration less weight more energy there has to be a underlining reason and i want to know what that is. Even HO fluorescents have more out put in lumens and PAR but you chose cfl why? cheaper in the end to use hps and HO flor after 4 months of electricity bill what are the pros?

  15. I actually enjoy trimming. Like a lot. Cannabis is a big part of my life and its effected me in such positive ways. I just set up my trim tray and trim all day. I have extreme insomnia so during harvest where I take the top half off and leave the lower portion to buff up for a day Ill wake up in the middle of the night and just start trimming and it relaxes me just as much as smoking.

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