Green Ninja’s Next Indoor Organic CFL Medical Marijuana Grow Part 27: Grape Ape Harvest

Green Ninja's Next Indoor Organic CFL Medical Marijuana Grow Part 27: Grape Ape Harvest

Green Ninja’s Next Indoor Organic CFL Medical Marijuana Grow Part 27: Grape Ape Harvest

13 thoughts on “Green Ninja’s Next Indoor Organic CFL Medical Marijuana Grow Part 27: Grape Ape Harvest”

  1. jesus why don't you just use HPS so much wasted energy here using CFLs great grow and beautiful nugs but damn do the math kinda forced to scrog it out because you get no light penetration less weight more energy there has to be a underlining reason and i want to know what that is. Even HO fluorescents have more out put in lumens and PAR but you chose cfl why? cheaper in the end to use hps and HO flor after 4 months of electricity bill what are the pros?

  2. I actually enjoy trimming. Like a lot. Cannabis is a big part of my life and its effected me in such positive ways. I just set up my trim tray and trim all day. I have extreme insomnia so during harvest where I take the top half off and leave the lower portion to buff up for a day Ill wake up in the middle of the night and just start trimming and it relaxes me just as much as smoking.

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  4. I fucking love green ninja. your videos are better than TV. you guys fuckin rock. so much information, fuck yea 2 thumbs up boys.

  5. I really enjoyed your hour and a half video.You guys are hilarious…picked up some valuable info on trimming and such sorry to hear that your show "My name is earl" was cancelled. ..but i think it was a great move to replace Randy with Chum-lee…you guys rock!! ill keep watching if allowed to and i dont have any stupid questions! !! party on…lifes a garden…dig it!!!

  6. Hey guys, thanks for sharing your knowledge, I just started this week trying this med for diabetes, diabetic leg ulcer(open) and blood sugars are out of balance, so I'm a virgin here, so any help I can get is really welcomed. I live in in Wa, so I'm hoping to use what you guys are willing to offer up. I'm using tea, oil, tincture, and leaves as a poultice on the wound. I'm getting clones to start my med needs. Yeah, I know two weeks before "big brother business" changes laws., again Thanks.

  7. at 1:06:31 you zoom in on a bud completely covered in hair a go " don't you wish you had one of these". Instead of growing dope you guys should have gone to clown collage haha

  8. I don't get all the hate in the comments, you guys grew some nice looking plants through flower with some CFL's. That's a challenge, let alone to do it right man nice work.

  9. LIKE X2…..So tell me, I have a Hydrofarm FLC200D 200W and a 125W Compact Fluorescent Bulb – Daylight ……Also I have 4ea 32W small guys….I am using everything but the 200W for VEG, then the 200W COOL WHITE for FLOWERING, along with the 4 small guys… Is that alright, or do I need a RED CFL in there somewhere too?

  10. we're all still learning…I don't know about ya, but when I cut mines down, I pre-hang them so they don't get manhandled and so I can get around trimming the fan/sugar(Anything green with no tri) off one at a time…….cut all of it off…down to the stock…Ya leaving it there adds dead weight to the buds when dried.

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