Grow Cannabis: Mike Marijuana 03

Grow Cannabis: Mike Marijuana 03
Check out this Humboldt marijuana garden!

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Grow Cannabis: Mike Marijuana 03

12 thoughts on “Grow Cannabis: Mike Marijuana 03”

  1. but would hippies swimming with naked hippie chicks at Woodstock care? they would just smoke it and wait for Jimi and chant "no rain, no rain, no rain"………Jorge is always on the scene posting good vids and giving good advice. the hippies of Woodstock now order Starbucks and pay for it through their Iphones……sometimes it feels like I am the one on the brown acid.

  2. Wondering when somebody is going to give you a DJI Spark drone for your videos. If somebody does be sure to check laws in different countries since central America confiscates upon entry then wants you to pay like 80% of it's cost to get it back when you leave. No wondering why some don't like playing with federales 🙂

  3. Glad to see you making videos cannabrother hopefully you never stop peace and happy growing always GreenMasterMike

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