Grow Co. brand 630w CMH Cannabis grow at two weeks

Grow Co. brand 630w CMH Cannabis grow at two weeks
Grow Co. brand Ceramic Metal Halide 315w CMH
630w CMH
Optional 120v power cord
Grow Co. brand 630w CMH Cannabis grow at two weeks

14 thoughts on “Grow Co. brand 630w CMH Cannabis grow at two weeks”

  1. how come you don't like growing regular seeds? Is it just because of the wasted effort on males? some people say that the feminized ones end up producing more hermaphrodite. I think it's more annoying to deal with a female plant that makes the bananas

  2. Sorry but i would say that is definitely a male. I prefer regular seeds over feminized because of the Hermie trait also. It's kind of a pain pulling all the males but the females always seem real stable.

  3. man you can tell a huge difference in those plants I can't wait to see the flower production by the time I get my light I will have some nice plans ready that I vegetated under LEDs

  4. and listen hold tight on that plant I can't tell if it's a male or female but you have plenty of time just don't let it form full sax and burst open you have a long way to go before that happens nothing wrong with regular seeds I used to hate them myself I'm starting to buy nothing but regular seeds now

  5. but hold on let that thing sex some more cuz I can't tell I never mess with them until I flip them and let them really tell me it's hard for me to tell in vegetative state what sex they are I'm trying to learn

  6. but I also don't understand all the issues with females and hermaphrodites I have never had hermaphrodite I've only been doing this for 4 years so knock on wood but I've grown a lot of feminized seeds even in some harsh conditions no hermaphrodites yet

  7. Dude I read reports on the forums that guys were running HPS ballasts and it was interfering with their neighbors cable lol

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