Grow Marijuana: J Humboldt 01

Grow Marijuana: J Humboldt 01
Check out this outdoor medical marijuana garden. The tour in August 2016 shows the entire cannabis garden. Watering, checking soil, and avoiding root rot in cannabis plants. Hot days and cold nights
grower pinches marijuana plants back twice, when 3 ft tall and the longest day of the year, June 21 to make plants bushy. Blueberry Dream grows into a great big plant! See how an experienced outdoor marijuana grower cultivates great looking plants.
Wild pigs and deer can be a nuance. Plants are fenced to protect from predators.
Grow marijuana plants in big containers, drip irrigation, and use straw mulch. Drip irrigation is gravity-fed,

Flo x Purple Urckle, Blueberry Dream,

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Grow Marijuana: J Humboldt 01

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  1. Good to know I'm not the only one having trouble isolating strains. I had the alaskan thunderfuck and it got hit with some random stray pollen from the city. Have no idea what strain it is now, now I'm stuck with random seeds but they still grow some top notch dank.

  2. showing sum love to your page love your videos when I'm smoking watching YouTube and good tips on growing

  3. Beautiful as always geo thay ladies r looking phenomenal ma friend respect from Glasgow Scotland uk keeeeeep it greeeeeen ma friend peace

  4. I can't tell if Jorge is just a rad old dude, or a well placed narc documenting all these grows ?

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