How I Germinate my Cannabis seeds

How I Germinate my Cannabis seeds
How’s it going everybody! Throwing up my second video on how I Germ my seeds.

This is a 18 and over page only. The cultivation and consumption seen in these videos are in compliance with the medical marijuana laws in the state of CA. These videos are for entertainment purposes only, and to give all medical marijuana patients a insight of what I’m doing and learned throughout my grows.

Video editing was done with Pinnacle Studios

How I Germinate my Cannabis seeds

8 thoughts on “How I Germinate my Cannabis seeds”

  1. i have seen the dual seedling thing a few times now on youtube i doubt you sprayed it to the next row but idk i guess it coulda happened buit i have seen this more and more

  2. You already have the warming mat, soil, flourescent lights, and humidity dome, why fuck with paper towels?

    Put them in the soil directly, mist it every day in the dome, and they pop in 3-5 days guaranteed.

  3. Hey man if you are still doing the paper towel method you should put them somewhere completely dark. Even the little light they get from where they were can damage the roots early and stunt their growth. Just a friendly tip!

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