How marijuana legalization could change Canada

How marijuana legalization could change Canada
The Liberals campaigned on the promise to legalize marijuana. David Common looks at how it could change Canada.
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How marijuana legalization could change Canada

12 thoughts on “How marijuana legalization could change Canada”

  1. nothing better then going in the middle of nowhere in the woods on a kayak and fishing and light up a joint 🙂

  2. Dont care what legal marijuana can do for Canada. Only care about having to spending half my income on a freakin PLANT! A $1.00 head of lettuces would do me 6 months but you wana jack the price to the max, just barely undercutting criminal dealers till you monopolize the delivery system in order to protect children that need to be saved from criminal marijuana. All the while we got drunks killing & maiming with pharma OD's galore. Nobody believes the politicaly correct liberal media anymore & we have our own news sources & our own set of lies. Your supposed 5% of Canadians ADMIT to being a filthy pot smoking ridiculed & slandered criminals. Jet set Justins gona be our new rip off artiest dealer ? Ya, maybe for one term & we'll see haw many marijuana users there really are in this country

  3. I'm a liberal but I'm against weed I support alternative sentencing and rehabilitation for weed and all drugs.

  4. DR. Raphael Mechoulam and his team did the research for the rest of the world. You would think this Canadian, government banks on research and development.????????????

  5. They only mentioned how much they will make. Why don't they talk about how much they will save.
    And why were oilsands workers singled out ?

  6. this is ridiculous. every middle aged white conservative man knows the dangers of marijuana. even though its been proven 100x safer than the alcohol i drink everyday after working my blue collar tax paying job. the devils lettuce will ruin this countries christian morals

  7. I say if you want to get stoned, you do a monthly drug test or you lose your driver's license. You want to use, fine, but don't put the rest of us in danger.

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