How to Germinate Cannabis Seeds – Straight to soil technique

How to Germinate Cannabis Seeds - Straight to soil technique
This is the best way I have found to plant my beans. One thing I did not do in the video that I recommend is to fill your containers and water them the day before planting.

As soon as the beans crack they are able to start their relationship with the soil microlife. Seeds planted directly into soil grow into much more vigorous, healthy plants. ANY stress in these first days will result in a stunted plant that may never reach its potential. Good Vibes

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How to Germinate Cannabis Seeds – Straight to soil technique

15 thoughts on “How to Germinate Cannabis Seeds – Straight to soil technique”

  1. Awsome fukn awsome I need your number man I was gonna buy some haze seeds online but id rather consult with somone who knows more about it.

  2. I goy an egg cartidge threw a peice of cotton in each and soaked it real good then threw a 2-3 afghan/c4/cheese seed mix in each cotton and kinda submerged it in hope it works

  3. also the seeds should be planted pointy side down because that's where the root comes from lol

  4. ive germinated them in soil and my seeds were already out of the soil after 3 days, but its probably the quality of the seeds

  5. THIS GROW THING IS WEIRD…………THIS GUY SAYS DO THIS SOMEONE ELSE SAYS DO THIS………………….damn im just going to do something…………apparently everybody must b right……………OR WRONG………i just don't know

  6. I just get my pot ready and make a small hole in the soil. I place my seeds directly in the soil they will be growing in. keep it simple folks.

  7. The way I plant it is fill a pot with soil, and plant my seed in it and water it…..I do that with pricey seeds too, whats the difference, a seed is a seed right? Never had a problem with the hundreds of seeds ive ever planted, never touched the paper towel method in my life

  8. Your telling me that you want me to put my seeds in peroxide? Lol fuck no. tf are you dunb?

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