How To Grow Medical Marijuana from start to finish

How To Grow Medical Marijuana from start to finish
Many states are beginning to legalize medical marijuana, as a
result, the industry of growing medical marijuana is becoming
very interesting to entrepreneurs as the profits are quite high. I
found a video in public domain via Creative commons that
gives a good idea of basic construction of a grow space and the
skills and equipment needed for successful propagation.
If you have been thinking about entering the industry, this video
is a good introduction.
A How to On Growing Cannabis

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The music in the original video was copyrighted so I removed it and added narration by me and music in the public domain via creative commons
attribution for the music is below, Ducktails is excellent, check out their other tunes. I used their music in some of my other videos.

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“Beach Point Pleasant” by Ducktails


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How To Grow Medical Marijuana from start to finish

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  1. Aren't there new lamps using LED tech that don't produce much heat or suck a lot of power?

  2. i remember seeing the original of this after downloading it for four days on limewire. this one's a classic, and these steps will produce a great grow room.

  3. good classic video, if any one is interested in watching a full grow from seed to harvest updates and new videos every week then tune into my channel ( esp #1 ) of Somango Blueberry x New York City Diesel ?the seeds have there first set of leafs out so I'm going to make a video tonight about the plants feeds p.h e.c temps everything , every one welcome to share tips and if you see something I can better please let me know . keep it green keep it lush

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