5 thoughts on “How to grow weed. (Solo cup challenge)”

  1. these are cool….Ive done a few in solo cups to see what would happen, and it turn out well, Too bad i had bad genetics from a crappy dealer.
    also saw these other people calling them Micro Grows….I guess for space challenged people…Hell, even a gallon milk jug works. before the move all i had was a 4×4 with a 44 hps/mh. I crammed all kinds in there,,tried just 2 once…Your killing it bro…Glad to see your videos..
    p.s. i added a 520 w bloombeast in the mix….but i also got 4 of the 600w bloomspec
    ..Not sure if i wanna keep the 400 and 600 w hps/mh in the mix or take em out…. i still would love for you to look around this 10×10 and possibly design a better plan than what ive got…You`ll see

  2. Nice Indoor Garden Ganja Storm Trooper. Keep up the great Amazing Work Growers Love!🎍🍯😎🍯🎍💨

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