How To Have The Ultimate Indoor Medical Marijuana Grow 2015

How To Have The Ultimate Indoor Medical Marijuana Grow 2015
So you want to know the real? The inside game that the club or other growers won’t tell you? Ok look get a bud or two and let talk about the price and what is needed to get you to the ultimate indoor grow for you.

How To Have The Ultimate Indoor Medical Marijuana Grow 2015

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  2. Bro I couldn't tell you how fucking beast you are, this is the first episode I've watched and I couldn't take my eyes off the screen, you're advice is amazing and I plan on taking it. You are extremely entertaining. You're fucking beast bro, From West Virginia

  3. liked and subbed, you are an inspiration, i would love some advice on my little 2×2 tent setup

  4. I used to work for a professional horticultural nursery. This grow method of yours in quite interesting planting many plants in very large containers, with good airflow. It wouldn't really work for large scale mass production however. The crop we used to grow would have a weekly rotation of crop and harvest almost every day I think. For seriously high yield/production it all comes down to rotation timing. How quickly you can go from clones/seedlings to veg and from there to flower and harvest. You need a lot of space for that however and various stages of propagation. Another cool technique we would use would be a constant automatic watering with nutes premixed in the water.
    Basically you use a soil-less mixture of sphagnum, peat moss, perlite, vermiculite, could add worm castings and perhaps wood chips to it as well. Throw your seedlings into the mix and hook all your pots up to your automatic irrigation that will constantly drip feed soluble nutes to the plant every day. I also think you will see better growth if you space your plants out even more.

  5. So what you're saying is with those 3 bags of fertilizer the only thing I would need to do is water it ?

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