17 thoughts on “How To Make FEMINIZED SEEDS”

  1. stupid question: what do you do after you spray it? you will get the sac with polen, and? you wait until it develops seeds? or you have to collect the polen for something else? cheers and thanks for the video!

  2. Worthless video. Demonstration by application would have been great, would have shared with my community. Moving on.

  3. Thanks for the tip. My tip to you is check out ceramic metal halide lights. Supposed to be a little better than LED's bc of the temperature of the bulb. Plus more UV light. And, they are a lot cheaper than LED's and HPS, and use half the power of HPS.

  4. Thanks in advance but does this work on autoflowers if so it's worth its weight in gold!?!?!?!? Growers love✌????♽♽♼♻?✌

  5. Bro to self pollinate my plant do i need to take a clone and spray the clone or the same plant spray one branch – does it give it time if u spray the one branch to pollinate the flowers on the same plant – and what is the result if u pollinate 1 whole average size plant how many seeds?

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