How to take marijuana edibles and dosage recommendation

How to take marijuana edibles and dosage recommendation – A quick overview of the types of marijuana edibles available at dispensaries and how to take them. Start low and go slow everyone.

How to take marijuana edibles and dosage recommendation

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  1. i fucken hate this whole 5 mg bullshit just tell me plz if for a brownie i should take half of it a quarter of it a amount the size a nickel just fucken tell me plz!!! lol

  2. How do you know what 5mg's is in an edible? For instance if I bought a chocolate bar, how would I know how many squares to eat? Or if it was something like granola, how would I know how much to take?

    Also would this be for any strain or would it change if it was a high thc strain versus a low one?


  3. I took almost 20mg the other night and haven't smoked weed in a long time and holy shit it felt like I got slingshotted into a different realm of reality… intense closed eye visuals for hours .. I'm a lightweight now days barely smoke at all so I feel like my low tolerance played a huge roll and I've also not used a thc edible before only pure CBD edibles in the past.

  4. I ate three at one time and I wouldn't wish that feeling on anyone or anything. I mean it when I say be safe with edibles. It can lead you to vicious paranoia and for me suicidal thoughts. Please be safe

  5. As an avid smoker I always say myself that edibles are different. I even heard thc converts to a different chemical that is 5x as psychoactive. I would say for anyone looking to get baked off edibles to buy a strong edible and try small amounts first to close in on an appropriate dose as well.

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