How to use Jiffy Pucks to Germinante Weed Seeds

How to use Jiffy Pucks to Germinante Weed Seeds
How to use Jiffy Pucks to germinate weed seeds: While walking the aisles in Home Depot last week, I stumbled into the garden department and found this gem on the shelf.

This purportedly takes Jiffy Pucks or any other type of small rooting plug to the next level by including a self watering mechanism.

Basically there is a tray with 34 germination pucks, which is about 9 more than their usual mini garden type product has. There is a plastic insert around which you wrap the watering fabric, on top of which you place the tray containing the dry pucks. fill the reservoir below the fabric, it gets soaked and wicks the water into the pucks which expand mightily!

There is no instruction as to how much water you should use, i guess they assume you won’t over fill. Yeah, well we know how that can go. We let the puck soak over night and all but one of them expanded completely.

MonkeyBoyKush regulars 7/8 sprouted; Bodhi’s NL#5 regs. 8/8 popped; 5 HSO Master Kush 4/5; R-Kiem Seeds Icer 5/5; Holy Smoke Seeds 6/6; SensiSeeds Skunk #1, 9/9; (we had a few pucks on the side, hence the extras)

Clearly the product works but other than the nice plastic base and dome, i think this is a gimmick. Just give us a tray with pucks and water — if you learn your plant, you will monitor and know when it needs more water. Vigilance is very important.

We were happy with the result but wouldn’t necessarily recommend this product. Too gimmicky.

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How to use Jiffy Pucks to Germinante Weed Seeds

11 thoughts on “How to use Jiffy Pucks to Germinante Weed Seeds”

  1. Ypu did not explain or recorded THE MOST IMPORTANT PART in the whole tutorial…HOW DID YOU PUT THE SEEDS IN THE PODS?! how deep in the pod?

  2. im doing same thing.
    but… do I need to make extra hole in net for better penetration of the roots? (hydroponic grow)

  3. Can't fucking hear you. Jesus christ, why can't anyone mix their audio right. The background music should not be louder than your voice!!!

  4. Thanks man ! Unbelievably….although I'm experienced….I too was wandering through Home Depot 2 – 3 days ago and noticed this same product !! So I did a search with the hopes that I might find 'em….and THERE YOU WERE ! I just received a similar number of seeds from Canuk and Humboldt (Lemon Thai Kush) Coco Melon, King Tut and 2 free Hash Passion seeds…all from Canuk in Montreal,,,,,,How 'bout that for synchronicity!??
    However I hated seeing that you had such an issue with "stem stretch" (next time you may wanna use a 7 – 8 inch plastic dome with a small T-5 light sitting RIGHT on the plastic (closer to the "pucks"…so you might have 1" to 2" stems….rather than 4+"
    Thanks for showing me that this new product works and good luck! #:-)

  5. Didn't realize you had a video for these JJ. I just picked some up from the store to try out some of the Grand Daddy Purps and OG Kush seeds. These seemed like a pretty good way for a beginner to start. Peace

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