How Weed Works: THC

How Weed Works: THC
Hank explains the science behind the effects of that wackiest of weeds, cannabis sativa – aka marijuana.

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The Botany of Desire by Michael Pollan


How Weed Works: THC

13 thoughts on “How Weed Works: THC”

  1. THC-9A is produced when it’s heated my understanding is this is the chemical compound that produces the high. THC in its raw form is incapable of getting you high. Many ppl in legal pot states juice raw canibus and eat it in salads with no effect. That’s cool I was unaware of the antibacterial properties. Does it provide any protection against viruses? Great video!

  2. Hank your kind of making it sound as if cannabis turns us into forgetful morons, if your a mentally stable individual it won't, I am not condemning or condoning the use of cannabis here, but if you consume it in moderation, It will not have any negative impact on your life, alcohol is a far worse DRUG than weed, it has wrecked countless lives and yet it is super legal…. and don't smoke weed like a choo-choo train, because you will turn into a cabbage…………………..moderation!

  3. I'm all for cannabis use over other substances (if you must use substances)… But thank you for saying and pointing out the obvious (which isn't obvious to many unfortunately) that cannabinoid receptors aren't in the body simply so cannabis can be consumed. Lol.

    Some documentary stated that cannabis fits perfectly into our cannabinoid receptors so it's like cannabis was made for the human body –– … now a bunch of cannabis users are convinced by it –-.
    It's like saying because one has opiod receptors in the human body, the body was made to take opiates – & opiate receptors have no other function … Not – they have plenty of other functions as do cannabinoid receptors.

  4. As you know SciShow, THC is activated by heat. Deer or beetles or bugs will not get stoned eating raw weed. Cannabutter for baking, for instance, the raw material must be baked for a little bit at a low temp. C’mon man! It’s like that myth of somebody eating a whole bag of weed when a cop pulls them over (Super Troopers), and they are beyond stoned…BS!

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