“I Smoke Weed Every Day.” 17yo Asks Help Dealing with Inner Conflict. Forgive Your Mother.

A young man asks Jesse about his issue with marijuana consumption. He says, “I smoke weed every day.” He started at 13, now 17, graduated from high school, bought a car, works, wants to move out of his mother’s home. Jesse tells him that it’s so easy to get past weed, it’ll make your afro fall off, which makes him laugh (pretty sure he’s white). He has conflict from anger, and smoking is false sense of relief. He lost his dad at 11, and felt like he should spend time with his mother so she’s not lonely, but she has a boyfriend. Jesse says he needs to be honest with his mother. She used to joke that she brought him into the world, and she’ll take him out. Jesse tells Alex to know what she did wrong, like taking credit for his life, they used to scream and holler at each other. His father smoked cigarettes, his kidneys failed, he fell and broke his hip, and later died. After that his life fell apart. He started looking for friends and attention, smoking weed — even steal, but he can’t imagine doing that now. His father died at 72 or 73. He used to feel very empty, but he now only feels he needs to keep moving forward. He can feel God is with him — when he hears Jesse’s show, he says it’s amazing. It’s been with him the whole time. Jesse urges him to do the Silent Prayer http://silentprayer.video and come to the Men’s Conference. http://rebuildingtheman.com | 800-411-BOND or 800-411-2663


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“I Smoke Weed Every Day.” 17yo Asks Help Dealing with Inner Conflict. Forgive Your Mother.

15 thoughts on ““I Smoke Weed Every Day.” 17yo Asks Help Dealing with Inner Conflict. Forgive Your Mother.”

  1. Narcissistic abuse. Lots of YouTube videos on Narcissistic personality disorder and narcissistic parents.
    Unfortunately, this substance effects the brain and development. Everything I've seen, it creates an unfulfilled and unproductive life. You should stop now!

  2. You graduated high school smoking weed every day. You are a champ. Imagine what you could do if you took a few days off!!! Don't do meth, you're good.

  3. This hit home with me. Just dead in the middle of the target 🎯. Jesse you are a god send

  4. Jesse you need to smoke some weed…it may help your speech and that ugly laugh….it's just sickness…

  5. There is nothing wrong with this boy spending time with his mother and trying to lift her spirits, good lord that's what you do when you love someone and care about them! The boy will wish he had spent more time with his mom when she is gone, hell the woman could become suicidal which would bring cause guilt, something that boy might not be able to live with! I'm not saying the mom should take every minute of the boys day as he needs space to grow and become his own individual but damn jesse you act like you are telling the boy to cut his mom off! As a psychoanalyst and the very best in the world as I am, the more I listen to you the more I think you still have issues with your mom! I would like to evaluate you someday cause you might be a woman hater!

  6. So why's there not interviews with people who smoke 3 packs of cigarettes daily 🤔? Oh that's right, I forgot! The government says cigarette smoking is allowed 😂 but if you smoke marijuana, you're just a despicable human being and should be locked-up and mentally evaluated! Yeah, makes perfect sense, eh? 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  7. JLP smokes weed daily. Look at his eyes. They’re often glassy and red. You can tell which days he’s smoking and which days he’s not. His speech is often more slurred than usual, and he’s a terrible speaker, anyway.

  8. So proud of this young man reaching out for help. Jessie You Were AWESOME with your direction. From now on I will always praise my Son and not credit myself when I'm doing it. God Bless You.

  9. He said 19yo Alice lol
    The way Jesse's short term memory loss kicks in, you would think he smokes weed 😂😂

  10. i have chronic pain in my left leg. i hate pills from doctors and always have. cannabis does me alot of good compared to pills with patents. good lord made weed for us to us. it is cruel to keep weed from people who are sick. just cruel and we are the vets who served this darn place

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