I Tried Medical Marijuana For A Year…This Is What Happened!

I Tried Medical Marijuana For A Year...This Is What Happened!
Hey loves!!
I hope ya’ll are having a great day already(: So I wanted to talk to ya’ll about my personal experience using medical marijuana and how it has helped me with anxiety and life after cancer stuff. I highly recommend that you do your own research and ALWAYS talk to your doctor.

I live in a state that marijuana is legal for recreational use and medical use. I am also over the age of 21(:

Hope ya’ll enjoy and give this video a thumbs up if you want to hear about my anxiety story!

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I Tried Medical Marijuana For A Year…This Is What Happened!

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  1. Have u ever flew with the capsules? I’m taking a flight and was wondering how I can take with me on my trip

  2. That’s very interesting information!!im sure it’ll help many people!!
    Off topic
    Is your natural hair back to light blonde??

  3. I wish it was legal in my state. It’s so frustrating, I have lupus, sjogrens and RA and because of it I have a lot of issues I feel marijuana may help

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