INTP – Weed, Simulation, Advice, Get an edible jackass (4)

INTP - Weed, Simulation, Advice, Get an edible jackass  (4)
You shouldn’t watch this one. I know smoking doesn’t kill you, but having that over analytical mind drives you to constantly realize the impact you’re putting on your lungs and heart. I know, “eat an edible jackass”. Don’t have an edible plug.

I gotta make some happier videos lol

INTP – Weed, Simulation, Advice, Get an edible jackass (4)

One thought on “INTP – Weed, Simulation, Advice, Get an edible jackass (4)”

  1. You're an INFP.

    You're interested in knowledge and abstraction, but Ti isn't your top function.

    Your insistence on making these videos an expository of your explorations on what might be, what you might do, and how you might one day have an impact in some dry technical or academic work indicates Te lower in your stack.

    Enough talking and philosophizing, just do it.

    Yes, the doing of a thing may not be your primary drive but by 'it' I mean the thinking. I haven't seen the objective thinking that indicates a primary Ti user. An INTP does far less dreaming per se and more problem solving, and not principally on the personal but on the outer world. Your primary focus, if you were a true INTP, I would think would be to solve/make sense of your existential problems by first developing deep understanding while making the necessary connections, assimilating the new ideas into your previous matrix of understanding, and finally doing absolutely nothing about it (or hopefully sharing it here on youtube).

    Look over the INFP function stack, if I'm wrong then I'd be happy to know why.

    – Your friendly neighborhood INTJ

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