Lawyer argues that marijuana legalization should be expanded

Lawyer argues that marijuana legalization should be expanded
Debate on ‘The Ingraham Angle’ after California lawmakers approved new rules to regulate the cannabis industry.
Lawyer argues that marijuana legalization should be expanded

10 thoughts on “Lawyer argues that marijuana legalization should be expanded”

  1. It is a gateway drug. If you don't acknowledge that you're high. Alcohol causes enough problems and danger on the highways. One legal drug is enough. Horace Cooper is correct and aptly exposes why the communists want it legalized.

  2. If people smoke it,they’re going to smoke it regardless if it’s legal or not. As for recreation use I can care less if it’s legalized. As for medical use I will never understand why people fight this. Medical wise it does great things. My son had cancer and all the side effects to go with it. I watched my son suffer with pain,throwing up. Weight lose,etc. None of the medications were working so they just kept giving stronger and stronger meds which caused more side affects. A friend suggested trying marijuana. We did some research and you can find both sides saying it’s good the other it’s bad. However more research showed good affects. My son was 20 at the time and made a decision to try it. (At this point we’re desperate) To my amazement it was working. After about a week of smoking all side affects and pain was gone my son was eating like crazy and gained all his weight back,had his energy back no pain and no more man made drugs with tones of side affects. For us it was our miracle we were searching for. My son is 26 now very happy and now lives where it’s legal. He’s very functional more so then before.

  3. Forty years ago during the pot smoking hippy days a major national survey was conducted to gauge the number and age of people smoking pot. Just a few years ago… 40 years later and after billions and billions of dollars and countless people were jailed for this "non-victim" activity… and what was the result? The resulting numbers were so close (less than 3% change) that our 40 year drug war had literally no change in use! Not to mention… Alcohol has been proven to have adversely affected so many more lives… half of traffic accidents and the majority of violent behavior is attributed to alcohol.

    No one smokes pot and wants to fight. And it has many true medicinal qualities. My 75 year old church going mother was dwindling away at 90 pounds, after quad by-pass surgery, until I got her to try pot. Amazingly her health turned completely around and she started going on trips and enjoying life again… and I have a similar story with my 86 year old terminally ill aunt. I don't even smoke any more, but I can attest to the benefits.

    Wake up folks… this is a victimless crime and we should change the laws!

  4. GOP will lose all the elections like they did to the pro weed candidate in NJ if they don't legalize it.

    the issue here is that everyone wants it legalized so it's really not up to GOP and DEM politicians. do your damn job and do the will of the people!

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