Legal Recreational Cannabis in Colorado: A Year in Review

Colorado is marking one year since it became the first state to allow recreational cannabis. It was a year of highs and lows, as Colorado sought to figure out exactly how it should work, reports CBS News.

Legal Recreational Cannabis in Colorado: A Year in Review

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  1. another reason why I'd like to be finally made legal is I'm not really into smoking cannabis. but when cannabis is expensive the way it is the only way to make it last is to burn it or vap. But I'd rather be able to choose it in foods and oil form only. but no can do! when it's illegal:(. there should be laws in place for a mature adult to be allowed to grow using an ID card. even if there was a small yearly fee/charge for a growers ID.. i'd be happy rather than the way it is… no one can safely choose their on CBD OR THC,, I'd like to grow a couple organically. & why not.!! after all it's a victimless crime In that the only victim is me ! the adult who occasionaly likes to dabble in the odd novelty!

  2. My opinion on marijuana vs alcohol as a father of two highschool teens boy and girl, so here we go. I don't smoke weed and I stopped drinking seven years ago, but I have friends that use one or both. This said I rather be around a stoned person then any buzzed to drunk person. No comparison at all, alcohol takes away your judgment with the first or second drink, tricks you to think you are ten foot tall and bullet proof, that ends badly and you regret it in the morning, that is if you are not in jail already for something stupid like flipping off a cop or worse, killing a family of four because you decided to drive drunk. While weed seems to make my friends nicer, never angry, thoughtful of their manners, and most important a little paranoid of cops, and driving. Riding with a buzzed guy on beer and riding with a stoned driver the difference is like night and day. You will survive the trip over with the stoned driver, probably a little late due to slower speed, but alive nonetheless. While if you arrive with the drunk driver earlier then the other, your driver drove down the wrong way, ran over a dog and just hit your neighbors car while attempting to park. So go and . "Buy a lotto ticket" it's your lucky day, you didn't die. Ok that's my humble opinion, and you can be sure that my kids will be sober, or at least stay away from alcohol if I have my way, well until they are 21 at least. Teach your kids! Or the police/correction dept. will do it for you. God Bless all of you! and God bless our great Country! 

  3. You can't overdose on pot causing you to commit suicide wtf. The news anchor is totally wrong for saying that. 

  4. Propaganda at work. At the beginning of the video, the pot users are shown to be poorly dressed in hoodies. By the end of the video, we see "mainstream" people in suit, ties, and jewelry using. Hmmm…

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