Legalized Marijuana = Millions For Public Schools In Colorado

Legalized Marijuana = Millions For Public Schools In Colorado
“Colorado collected .3 million in excise taxes on the sale of recreational marijuana during the first month of 2015, 10 times the tax revenue generated in January last year.

The 15% retail marijuana excise tax, which goes toward public schools and construction fees, earned exactly ,332,843 in January 2015, according to a monthly report released by the state’s Department of Revenue. Last year, during the first month of sales, the school fund totaled 5,318.

Residents voted in November 2013 for an aggressive 10% sales tax and a 15% excise tax on recreational marijuana sales. Medical and recreational cannabis-related revenue also comes from a standard sales tax, as well as license fees.

Marijuana-related revenue not allocated to the school fund goes towards such things as substance abuse programs, medical research, and police training.”

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Cenk Uygur (, Ana Kasparian (, John Iadarola ( and Jimmy Dore ( of The Young Turks discuss.

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Legalized Marijuana = Millions For Public Schools In Colorado

17 thoughts on “Legalized Marijuana = Millions For Public Schools In Colorado”

  1. I live in Colorado and our economy rules. My city, Boulder, has more people with a PhD per capita than anywhere in the country. Anyone who thinks weed will destroy society… wake up

  2. Clearly this legalization is detrimental to society. They have to ban it immediately, and start making violent mass arrests again.

    from a pot smoker. 

  3. The tax is too damn high. When black market weed is cheaper than legal weed, the problem has not been solved.

  4. That money is flowing into the state coffers instead of the drug dealers.  Users can be in jobs earning money instead of costing money in prison.  No increase in problems, except for dealers trying to stay relevent in a shrinking marketplace.

  5. ?Really weed help schools weed or drugs is bad for you why can't people understand that???????????????.

  6. I am a Conservative…I want pot federally legalized.
    Not so I can use it……
    ………..But so I can sell it to all the potheads who want to use it

    You call it: me being a jerk…..I call it capitalism 

  7. So the teachers accept drug money according to Federal law. Then pay rent. These landlords accept laundered drug money and are breaking federal law. Then they deny medical marijuana patients as tenets, but take state marijuana tax money for rent from teachers, cops, state and county employees. How can a landlord take a teachers marijuana tax money she's paid in which is laundered drug money according to the feds and then deny marijuana patients because weed is against federal law? That's retarded. Colorado Apartment Association restricts all medical marijuana patients, but not the county and state employees who are laundering the money. It's against federal law for you to accept laundered drug money, makes the landlord a accompless to laundering charges. So I'm just saying they need to all medical marijuana patients to read the if they are accepting money from the county paid teachers, and state employees. Technically DEA can seize everything bought with marijuana money like new cop cars, and city vehicles which are bought with marijuana money. I just want to be able to rent in Colorado as a epilepsy marijuana patient. Technically the apartment association knows state and county employees are paid in marijuana money, so they know they are accepting to launder the money against federal law when they rent to them. So they are still breaking federal law. Besides New Mexico gets recreational in January 2016, and that will hurt Colorado business, and make less desirable to rent in Colorado. NM also allows 6 ounces for medical posession. They probably going to allow more recreational than CO. More opertinity for business in NM.

  8. legalized because is money, for the economy, at what cost??? why money for schools is coming from marijuana businesses?
    is very well documented that is very addictive by research studies, the worst thin is when ,children, watch Using this drug (addictive) every day they will need higher doses of marijuana , your son will thing is permuted, i will use it, they star eating cookies, cakes, candies etc. do you really need marijuana????

  9. .. yep, and the greedy liberals like Gov John Dickenlooper getting ready to RAISE the already sky-high tax on Colorado weed

  10. Your kids education is based on how much weed I smoke? I am going to take another bong rip, it's for the children

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