Marijuana and Blood Sugar

Marijuana and Blood Sugar
To your health, body and spirit – Marijuana and Blood Sugar

OK I admit it, I’m a child of the 70’s and like many of my peers, I’ve smoked a little (all right, maybe more than little) pot back in the day. And although I haven’t toked in a long time, I still look back at my stoned adolescence with a bit of nostalgia and a lot of, shall we say, entertaining memories.

As I recall, aside from the buzz, creativity and the inevitable hacking that followed a hit on joint or a pipe, one of the unavoidable results of getting high was an insatiable desire for food. And not just any food. When we got our late-night hankerings, it wasn’t like we were snacking on salads, fruit or any other wholesome edibles. No, what we inevitably craved were foods that were greasy, starchy and sweet; sandwiches, hamburgers, French fries, chips (potatoes, corn tortilla, it didn’t really matter as long as they were fried), cheese, ice cream, other desserts, or some combination thereof.

These days, as heretofore verboten ganja gradually migrates to the mainstream, we’re finding that the evil weed is actually pretty darn good medicine. Cannabis contains over 85 chemical compounds, many of which have therapeutic value, particularly for epileptics and migraine sufferers. And now, medical professionals are discovering that, in addition to its anti-seizure benefits and protection from headaches, the biochemistry behind the marijuana munchies may point the way to therapeutic benefits for diabetics.

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Marijuana and Blood Sugar