Marijuana and toiletries to be handed out on Skid Row Weed the Homeless Cannabis Industry Gives Back

Marijuana and toiletries to be handed out on Skid Row Weed the Homeless Cannabis Industry Gives Back
Alcoholism and drug abuse are indicative of homelessness around America. Whether it is what got them there, or as a result of their situation. Who wouldn’t want to escape that reality.

Last year, members of the cannabis industry started an innovative program to not just bring toiletries and other life essentials to the homeless population of Skid Row in Los Angeles , but also cannabis as an alternative to alcohol, opioids or heroin. #WeedTheHomeless

LA Weekly:
Weed the Homeless Urges Those in Cannabis Industry to Give Back

“Once upon a time in modern-day L.A., a group of generous DIY do-gooders looked at the city’s rampant homeless problem, and then at the city’s flourishing weed industry, and decided to use the latter to help the former. What’s become known as Weed the Homeless isn’t a fancy operation: It’s as simple as handing out weed, in addition to clothing, food, toiletries and other essentials, to people living on the street.

The movement began on Thanksgiving 2017 when cannabis activist and entrepreneur Jackie Sponseller, a self-proclaimed “international
epileptic stoner,” was home alone in Venice and wanted to give back. “Ever since I was a little teenage stoner, I used to want to have so much weed that someday I could just give it away,” she jokes.

That fantasy eventually became a reality for Sponseller, who, having been diagnosed with epilepsy at the age of 10, set out to heal herself and others with medical marijuana. The California native moved abroad to Israel, eventually building a cannabis empire centered around her various projects, including Kaya Seeds, Daily Dab TV and Queendom Canna.

In between jetsetting abroad and back home, Sponseller now is spearheading the fourth installment of Weed the Homeless this weekend on Skid Row.”

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Marijuana and toiletries to be handed out on Skid Row Weed the Homeless Cannabis Industry Gives Back

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  1. It sounds so crazy it might actually work. It would make them more peaceful that is for sure.

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