Marijuana Country: The Cannabis Boom (2015)

Harry Smith examines the issue of cannabis in the workplace, as Colorado employers work to reconcile a more-open cannabis culture with workplace rules that enforce zero tolerance.

The most touching parts of the documentary revolve around medical cannabis, in which Smith talks with families who have moved to Colorado because that’s the only way to get drugs they feel represent a last and/or best hope for their children.

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Marijuana Country: The Cannabis Boom (2015)

15 thoughts on “Marijuana Country: The Cannabis Boom (2015)”

  1. HOLD ON HOLD ON! I call bullshit on the Dish Network crap. "An employee can not have any detectable level of a controlled substance or narcotic."…… YET, when people are prescribed pain medications such as lortab, percocet, morphine, vicodin, a majority of companies don't take issue with that because a doctor prescribed the medication. They simply need to see the employee's prescription to verify that they are indeed prescribed the drugs that were found in their tox screen. And trust me, even the cheapest drug panels will cover opiates.

    These companies wouldn't fire someone who was in a car accident or just had surgery and was cleared to come back to work but has a prescription for pain medication because of lingering pain. Then why the hell should it be any different if a person gets a medical marijuana card, prescribed by a doctor or by legal means as stated within the law? It's because there's still a stigma against marijuana. Yet, funny enough there's no stigma against opiates/synthetic opiates which account for a HUGE percent of addictions, health side effects and overdose deaths.

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  3. I have a rare neurological disease but marijuana can't kill people or give them cancer, unlike tobacco or alcohol!

  4. Hemp can provide every need from fabric, fuel, medicine, paper, lumber, all from the hemp plant! It's one of the most beneficial plants, ever created,nby the creator!The government is corrupt & a puppet for the evil ruler walking around with a temper tantrum and he's headed for a long time out, in a locked facility!

  5. To the legislators in CO … why in the world would you pass a law making legal the medicinal use of marijuana but not address employer drug testing for it??? What have you people been smoking?

  6. the reason there is still a black market is because the state has gotten greedy, and the dealers on the street can under cut the official market. what the state should have done is make it as cheap as possible, that way there won't be enough profit for the cartels and local dealers.

  7. why do they keep promoting the lie about drug testing, when you get piss tested they test for the carbon signature of the marijuana plant and not for thc!. and they use that method on purpose, because it allows them to go back 90 to 120 days and test for the carbon signature during that period!.

  8. if they tested for thc then they would only have 72 hours before your system cleaned itself

  9. The federal reserve should allow legal licensed dispensary too deposit funds with a 1% interest fee to myself.

  10. I've noticed that middle aged and older people generally call marijuana, "pot", whereas my friends and I have always called it, "weed", colloquially… It's just something I find interesting..

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