Marijuana Garden Science- Tips for using CO2 in your garden with The Grow Boss

Marijuana Garden Science- Tips for using CO2 in your garden with The Grow Boss
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adding CO2 to your garden is easy. the image will show you the wrong way but after watching my video you will learn how to do it correctly.

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Marijuana Garden Science- Tips for using CO2 in your garden with The Grow Boss

12 thoughts on “Marijuana Garden Science- Tips for using CO2 in your garden with The Grow Boss”

  1. im thunkimgnof using plastic and tape to seal windows and doors, also thinking about putting weather stripping around maun door out. only issue is i have a portable unit that exhaust outside the room, i know when its in a/c mode it just recurculates the air in thr room, any advice?

  2. no ac, intake and top exhaust fan hooked up to sealed hoods. fan and carbon filter on floor scrubbing air.

  3. also mini splits take out heat not air. roll around non efficient AC's blow hot air outside.

  4. Hey G.B.greetings from Wales u.k. co2 bottles are out of the Q for me so my Q is what do u think of the co2 little bags that u pierce with pen or something and hang in ur grow tent,thank u.✌?

  5. great vid kinda new to growing indoor, just have a you don't have to vent out a carbon filter out to keep the smell away,just keep recirculating it in the grow space

  6. Grow Boss. I veg and flower withe the same air. how should co2 be controlled when flower lights turn off… I can put the co2 sensor in the veg area so it's on all the time. but 1500ppm at night I hear for flowering plants is not good. I could lower my ppms too like 900 so flower plants at night have more oxygen. I'm not sure what to do!

  7. Grown boss! Heeeeeeellllp! Lmaoo
    Hey man how Are you? Here's my situation. I totally understand that the CO2 is great for the flowering stage. Here's my thing. Please show a diagram on when should the timers be set to release CO2 into the grow tent and once it does should timers be implemented to control the lights and fan at different times while the CO2 is being disbursed? It only would make sense to do so. But what's your version?
    I want to include a 20-gallon CO2 tank in my grow tent but should the vented lights and /or vented exhaust filter be turned on at a certain time to keep CO2 inside grow tent then exhaust fan or AC come on to bring in fresh air?

  8. Please excuse my typos. I meant to address you as "Grow Boss". Not Grown Boss. DAMMN iPhone auto correctness sorry 'bout that

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