5 Cannabis Strains In 4×4 Grow Tent! – Mutant Plant, Defoliation, and Feeding CalMag

5 Cannabis Strains In 4×4 Grow Tent! – Mutant Plant, Defoliation, and Feeding CalMag

I have 5 cannabis strains in a 4×4 grow tent and all of the plants are looking beautiful! In this episode I talk about the mutant plant that I’ve been growing, show off defoliated plants, and talk about feeding CalMag. If you enjoyed this video please click that thumbs up button! 🙂

This gardening video is for educational and/or documentary purposes and isn’t designed to help or encourage others to imitate.

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5 Cannabis Strains In 4x4 Grow Tent! - Mutant Plant, Defoliation, and Feeding CalMag

17 thoughts on “5 Cannabis Strains In 4×4 Grow Tent! – Mutant Plant, Defoliation, and Feeding CalMag

  1. Your best of to not give any nitrogen until a week before flower,

    I do not use Cal mag, I use soil and I use tap water and blackstrap molasses, those 2 things make Cal mag useless… guys that feed filtered water or ro water should use Cal mag or blavkstrap molasses to replace those minerals filtered out of your water.

    But tap water users only need to adjust your ph and the Cal mag will be taken up thru tap water.. little milk fixes Cal mag issues but mostly it's a ph issue giving you Cal mag issues… in truth the only guts having Cal mag issues should be hydro guys using super pure water…

  2. I get what you say about counting the days from seed and not flower. Its straight to the point

  3. A basic question? Is flowering time counted from first formation of bud or on the day the light was switched to 12 12 . Why I am asking is for the first week or two no change was seen of any formation of pistols .

  4. Awesome grow's man, you give a lot of info that is needed! 🤘🏼〽️ you've made a few starting cultivators become pretty gnarly greenthumb's! So keep your video's coming man! 👍🏼🎉 love your training method's & passion for growing, also what's your favourite strain to grow ? Would love your feedback man if you haven't tried Girl Scout cookie's XTRM you should look into it! ❤️❤️🔥🔥💙💙 much love & respect brother! My vid's will be all coming soon but I'm in Australia so medical is still quiet, for now 😉

  5. I currently grow in Coco Coir and run Cal mag through wk 4 but plan on cutting back to wk 3 in the future. Great update and thanks for sharing.

  6. Grew GDP in soil and I used cal mag + for farm bloom and never had a nitrogen toxicity problem. Also could be strain based. GDP is a very tolerant strain if you accidently mess up.

  7. I just finished my first harvest ever….and well I used the Grateful Grower Cal Mag recipe, I am growing in Coco, I stopped around 2 weeks into flower. Each plant finished at it's own pace, and 2 plants had 2 week flushes, and  2 plants had 3 week flushes due to newbieness! Currently drying the last one. Cheers!

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